amanfromMars 1 … Fri 28 Mar 00:40 [1403280040] sharing a line or two of steganographic code on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/03/27/mit_students_publish_encryption_paper/
Tick, Tock …..

They are being told that this is needed to find terrorists. …. Pascal Monett

I wonder how quickly they will realise that all attempts at providing unbreakable encryption and security creates terrorists and new heroes within systems admin ranks to take over leading make over of systemically flawed operating systems. And the one is the other a la poacher turned gamekeeper, although in these particular and peculiar cases would that be more APTly phrased, crack hacker turned heavenly gatekeeper, given the doors that can be opened and locked closed with the keys that one would have.
And it is always best to have those bods and boffins/guys and gals on your side because of the unbelievable untold damage that they can so easily do.
Is that the same as if someone has hacked the nuclear weapons launch codes, only more so because the damage that can be done is more accurately and acutely and astutely targeted at real and actual command and control controllers and not at the masses, who let’s be honest about it here, are usually pig ignorant about the state of the worlds in which they are living and being used and abused and misused.
Advise them of the true nature of their condition and the position they be kept in through the contrived maintenance of their ignorance though, and methinks they will be less than well pleased with that and/or those which have been leading/ruling/enslaving them.

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