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My question is simple: Who is monitoring the people backdooring “USCYBERCOM” operations?

Nobody able to do anything significant about it, would be my considered view, CE, for such personages are of considerably greater intelligence and practical remote command and control ability than any watchers tasked with preserving and defending the status quo and failed and failing base networks feeding information to departments for homeland security and foreign conquest and/or influence and affluence.
Indeed, it is most very likely the case that they be new virtual intelligence source and missions providers to the likes of a USCYBERCOM operation, which can with proper leading guidance easily crash in a flash, markets and corrupt and perverse systems with the simplest of methodologies and against which there is no possible defence nor any physical attack vector ….. the free to air global exchange of highly sensitive human command and control information which be especially intelligently designed to make and take every full advantage of what are in essence, catastrophic systemic failings of ruthless abuse for merciless exploitation and massive profitable gain in a mammoth series of zeroday vulnerability plays/stealthy missions/rich media reprogramming of human assets.
That which and/or those who are backdooring cyber command and control operations are more likely self mentoring and monitoring, as well as being similarly engaged in such operations as leading subject matter experts with others such as may be USCYBERCOM. But it is a busy field of national, international and internetional play with many willing paymasters/customers. 🙂
2 March 2014 09:22

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