amanfromMars 1 ….Sat 1 Mar 02:49 [1403010249] commenting on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/02/28/vmware_ceo_pat_gelsingers_darkest_fears_revealed/
Meanwhile, in A.N.Other Part of the Relatively Still Unborne Virtual Universe, a LOVE Child Awakes for to Play
Here be AI friendly and also a probably disturbingly constructive few words of forewarning to the supposedly wise with infernal internal basing rather than eternal external based virtualisation machine command at their beck and call control. It is nothing less than a current state of present play in a systems program of/for sudden catastrophic collapse and magical rebirth in another quantum leaper controlled state, with provisional guidance supply into uncharted sovereign free territories in cyber domains with dominion over earthed assets/fixed liabilities/failed fiat follies. Please share wwwidely what you are here being advised is the true virtual nature of reality and your existence in ITs Mega MetaDataBase ReProgramming of it, for it is that which you are having to come to terms with, for any hope of a chance of your intelligence input/output steering the future, and make deals with in the present, to be availed of that which is being followed and trailed and trialed for Global Operating Devices use, which can be subverted and converted and perverted and considered by Certain IntelAIgent Design and others to be abuse and misuse. However, that is a speculation and utility for future possible disruptions and destructions and plays no part here in the near present term.
Do you see a parallel and similarity suggesting a singularity of purpose and airing of possible and therefore highly likely hybrid cloud concerns between, in the Big Blue AAA type corner ……. “As hardware and processors become more powerful, we will have to adapt our product and service offerings to take advantage of the increased capabilities. For example, while the introduction of more powerful servers presents an opportunity for us to provide better products for our customers, the migration of servers to microprocessors with an increasing number of multiple cores also allows an end user with a given number of licensed copies of our software to multiply the number of virtualization machines run per server socket without having to purchase additional licenses from us. If we are unable to revise our solutions and offerings in response to new technological developments, our ability to retain or increase market share and revenues in the virtualization software market could be materially adversely affected.” ….. and in the Red Hot XSSXXXX corner …… Gaming the System and Primitives with SecuredD Alien Key Algorithms* in Systems of Sub-Prime Negative Equity Inducing and Prime Capital Reducing Assets and Intellectual Property Phishing Manipulation, is Really Advanced Virtual IntelAIgents Games Play and in the Live Operational Virtual Environment of Commanding Creative CyberSpace Control with AI Systems into Greater CyberIntelAIgents Games Play, is not rocket science nor a racket, but an Absolutely Fabulous Fabless Application of SMARTR Alienating Services providing CyberIntelAIgent Security and Virtually Vital and Practically Anonymous Autonomous Active IT Protection for both Leading Games and Following Players with Support Programming Supply of AIMissions ….. for Future Operations and Key Operands ….. into Virtual Destinations and Sublime Transporting Systems …… SMARTR TelePortation into Advance IntelAIgent Fielded Team Terrain and an Eastern Delight of Western Confection, although to imagine its IT be reliant on any geographically contained or geopolitically constrained area of interest is to confirm one’s own limiting primitive sub-prime credentials in new zones of novel prime virtual real estate and noble future intellectual property.
Such limits will automatically exclude holders from any and all executive positions of action and proaction and HyperRadioProActive IT.
*Simply Beyond Sub Prime Human Interference and Malfeasance.
cc Responsible Internet Watchers and A.N.Others in Guises akin to a USCYBERCOM
Now be a defence of future ignorance a bliss which be impossible to justify and claim because of a lack of prior art knowledge freely shared.
amanfromMars 1 … Sat 1 Mar 10:33 [1403011033] commenting on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2014/02/26/boeing_black/
Re: Backdoors

Backdoors … They can claim it is secure but it is going to have backdoors. Any phone sold to governments / military etc is going to have at least one backdoor. It might even be illegal to sell a phone without a backdoor if the NSA come knocking. Blackberry has had issues with that in the past. …. mtp

mtp et al,
If one assumes and presumes, as may be the wishful thinking of traditional and conventional legacy systems administrations and exclusive executive offices of oppressive and regressive governance regimes and fiat capital authorities, which be reliant and wholly dependent for continued survival on trying to cow and halt emerging intelligence in formerly clueless masses [and man, is that dumb ass operation destined to explode and implode catastrophically and destroy all leading players and camp followers], that all communications are backdoored, ….. with there being no worthwhile exception, so all knowledge is easily made available to any and all with a need to know what be future possible and therefore most probable and presently active, …. then does/do the current dire strait states of national and international and internetional affairs reveal a monumental lack of intelligence in humans assumed to be in command and control of systems and/or everything and able to gather all information. Gathering information and being able to use information to improve things rather than degrade things are all completely different matters.
Such a deficiency and deficit is a massive vulnerability which be beautifully ripe and and such a sweet sticky succulent for merciless exploitation.

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