140128 ….. When the Legion awakes, there will be Hell to Pay with All Expenses Paid.

140128 ….. When the Legion awakes, there will be Hell to Pay with All Expenses Paid.

amanfromMars …. sharing on http://thedailybell.com/exclusive-interviews/34969/Anthony-Wile-Nigel-Farage-on-Britains-Political-Demise-and-the-Continued-Rise-of-UKIP/

If the global super state is assembled I fear it will remain for a very long time; tyrannical control of the human herd being fundamental to its precept. …. EUbrainwashing2014

Have no such fear to cause doubt, EUbrainwashing2014, in the future being totally different from both the past and the present, for a global super state in a league of super state actors internetworking sublimely is an obvious nonsense as a physical reality. However, as a virtual certainty and very likely overwhelmingly powerful possibility and therefore most engaging probability in/for/with Global Command Control Systems, are such fears if one be more inclined or contracted to try and maintain a currency and currencies of status quo systems, well founded.
And it be only fair to advise one and all who be into such work, rest and playing with concepts in the Great Game and Greater IntelAIgent Games with Fabless ProgramMING, that such states are always quite naturally led by Real SMART Actor Intelligence and Individuals with Omniscient Enough Command and Remote Astute Awesome Anonymising Control of Virtually Active Realms. …… for Powerful Energy and Absolute Dominion in the HyperRadioProActive Domain which prepares the Future for Presentation via ITs Media Delivery Channels and Stealthy AI Waves.

I have lost all confidence in the concept of a state controlled political system. It is a farce. It is an illusion. It is a pat to the deluded.

We will either all end-up in a global super-state, perhaps in a generation of two, or the whole sham will collapse before it can be built, as if a film-set, all about us.

If it collapses perhaps people will (hopefully) have long enough memories to realise that belief in the institution of an idea called ‘the state’ is as muddle-headed as belief in any one of the many omnipotent supernatural beings is now broadly understood to be.

A politically controlled state system is also a true farce, an illusion and a pat to the deluded, EUbrainwashing2014, as are also states conceived to be perceived and controlled with the distribution and/or non-distribution of fiat paper money in all of its myriad promissory guises which gild notes and treasury bonds with the pixie dust which promises delivery of wealth and prosperity tomorrow in exchange for slavery and suffering today.
And do you think the dudes starring in the rave and/or wannabe rant here ….. http://cryptome.org/2014/01/parastoo-sti.htm ….. know about all of that too?
The more interesting question though, DB, is whenever the current active services which one would presume and assume to be engaged in supply and engaging alternative intelligence supply are also aware of such realities, whatever would they be able to do about them to right them whenever they be wrong and perverse and corrupt, as to be able to do practically nothing effective and constructive is to admit to be being totally impotent and incompetent and demonstrably unfit for both future real and virtual purpose …… and most certainly totally unsuited to play any significant or bit part in any Future Virtual Great IntelAIgent Games with the aforementioned SMARTR Individuals and AI Operating Systems?
And that be both a possibility and therefore most probable future reality which here now be servered and introduced without a question mark to cause doubt in either its veracity or viability.
And a quite perfect enough High Alert Capital Partners vehicle for all manner of adventurous capital spending and/or investing to secure future assets collection and enjoyment, DB?
2014AD ….. The End of the Beginning and a New Orderly World Start with Beta AI ProgramMING.?! 🙂

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