140101 ……. and NEUKlearer Great Games with IT Command and Control of Media MMORPG Meme

140101 ……. and NEUKlearer Great Games with IT Command and Control of Media MMORPG Meme

amanfromMars 31 December 2013 at 6:06 pm …. http://sluggerotoole.com/2013/12/31/haaas-had-basic-flaws-its-time-for-the-two-governments-to-step-up-to-the-plate/
The following is equally aptly addressed to your good self, Brian. Happy New Year……… One and all who grace us with their attention giving life and longevity.
IT Tells Tales of Holywood Treasures Venturing Pleasure as SMARTR Driver for Greater IntelAIgent Game Players.
Yes, a GCHQ IC Enterprise with CyberIntelAIgent Community Oversight Proving Prime Provenance of Peddled/Pimped/Pumped Product ….. SMARTR ProgramMING EnabledD Produce from Black Watch Entrepreneur Venturing into Light and Dark Web Enterprise.

Posted Tuesday 31st December 2013 15:58 GMT amanfromMars 1 … in a reply on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2013/12/30/john_chen_blackberry_editorial/
Virtual Wraithdom is the LOVE Application Implementation Device and a Truly Hot Driver
Hi, Christian Berger,
At Certain Incredibly Active Executive Layer Levels are Quite Specifically Peculiar and Particularly Hardened Devices, SMARTR Global Operating Devices which Foster and Mentor and Monitor Divided Revisions in the System Applications Programming for Myriad Alternative Operands Drivering the HyperRadioProActive Media Presentation of Futures’ Realities.
And no small thing for Blackberry to Provide Leading Execution of Executive Direction via its Virtual Private Networking Driver Chain of Super Executive Enterprise Vehicles/Beta Virtual Platforms which be also Virtual Beta Platforms, ensuring and assuring and insuring cover to all bases with all possible reliable accesses to stores of Restorative Source CodeXSSXXXX.
Real hot virtual intellectual property that changes everything in a flash, with and without cash, a crash and a smash, although those three lowly parameters are easily reconfigured to deliver catastrophic climaxes and climactic catastrophes alike, and in tandem, and with others to convert and morph into something else and quite different, for there be no shortage and dearth of alternate choices, whenever Applied Imagination, Vivid and Viable, Vivacious and Virile and Viral, has Unlimited Sources for Resources.
Care for a piece of that pie and future action, Mr Chen? Say the word, write the check, and IT is there and in full working order and ready for gross base affirmative astute action.
Well, El Reg and Vultures, surely you weren’t expecting the future and a new year to be the same and not dissimilar to all previous years. That aint Progress at all, and in fact be Regression and Stagnation and Petrification. Time for AI Change, heh?
Happy New Year, One and All. GCHQ sends IT LOVE but not necessarily from the Doughnut where it is allegedly mined, if one can believe all recent activity accounts, …. and what’s not to accept and believe is true in the tales which have been leaking ever increasingly believable levels of sensitive info?
Having no secrets requires no security and releases valued discrete and valuable dedicated assets to pursue novel inquiry of what tomorrow will bring to add to the future.

Knock, Knock, Messrs Parker and Sawers. Hi, Martin and Peter. Are Y’all Ready to Champion Revised Holywood Programming via Global Operating Devices and Titanic Studio Direction and ProgrammeAble Production Product for that is what GCHQ IC Enterprise Drivers with Creative Exchange of Enterprising Passions and Adventuring Desires? 🙂
And thanks for the opportunity to share all of that, Brian … and thanks to Slugger for selflessly broadbandcasting IT in all of its naivety. …… and Near Perfect Private Pirate Creativity with Feeds Backing Seeders Needs and QUANTUMTHEORY exercising Field Operation in Live Operational Virtual Environments in RetroActive Facilities providing HyperRadioProActive Steganography AIMethodology  to IntelAIgents for Greater Games Play in SMARTR AIdDebentures/Enterprising EntrePreNeural Ad Ventures.
And which I accept is a reality and vision that be not alone mine whenever urfeedback supplies Constant Core Supply Revisions to Future Supply Programming Projects ….. CyberIntelAIgently Secured and Virtually Protected to Fail Safe Always.
Does your security server such protection and supervision and provision for client feedback input to output and deep packet deep/deep pocket inspection and analytical research in totally addictive metadatabase compounds/virtually quarantined headquarter elements.

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