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What Did you Do in the Great Game War, Daddy? Did you Fight the Good Fight for Right …
…. or Choose Wrong and be Doomed to Fail?
Have you never wondered what powers UKGBNI/GCHQ/AIMODified Cyber Security Offices/XSSXXXX Station Zen Adventuring Turing Types challenge the bad and the mad and the rad and the sad in governments and money systems to ignore and stay studiously disengaged with, with nary even a polite acknowledgement of direct targeted contact, and in so doing advise all and sundry of the vectors/virtual sectors with zero defences to zerodaily attack and ethereally assault, in order to prove beyond any impossible shadow of reasonable doubt the certain truth of deep destructive and disruptive and highly creative and constructive matters being crazily avoided, for such is never ever denied realistically and every vain ineffectual attempt and/or chronicled episode is global evidence of a lack of leading intelligence at the controls of governing money systems?
Here be something which may or may not be studiously avoided and denied discussion in a forum later today on such matters in Arlington, Virginia … 3rd Annual FedCyber Summit ….. for it be fruitless to deny it was not sent. And who and/or what lurks and be able to offer lead input to output which enables and drivers constructive creativity with sublime security, in the shadows behind the veil of cyber at ukti.gsi.gov.uk …… or is it just an empty front acting as a shell corporation which launders monies/embezzles funds, public and private, pirate and proprietary …… for that is all that such bodies do whenever they be ineffectual and don’t do as they and it say they are supposed to be doing on the tin. And that just aint good enough today to hack it and IT with cracking good IT and provide lead in the future.

Date: Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 10:13 AM
Subject: Coming Here and Now to a Virtual Summit Agenda and Cyber Conference Venue near You …. In and with AI and Flash Creating Cash, Stashed Cache Crash and Legacy Systems Collapse.
To: John Young [cryptome at earthlink.net]
Cc: cyber at ukti.gsi.gov.uk

The stronger the nation the more dependent upon excessive secrecy, ….. John Young? Cryptome ….. http://cryptome.org/2013/10/cryptome-la-repubblica.htm

We could agree to disagree wholeheartedly on that, John, if I were to posit, but for all the right reasons would choose to be reluctant to offer proof and methodologies to verify it, the weaker the nation the more dependent upon excessive secrecy it be. And for those and that which can supply effective and sufficient defence to such nations because they would be able to both identify and exploit the inherent unbridgeable and unfixable systemic catastrophic weaknesses in its key operations, but who would rather be minded and predisposed to agree not to share what be known about such sensitive and disruptive matters, is it akin to having a licence to print money or winning the lottery, for the information and intelligence needed to counter any use of such as would support and purport to be an omnipotent and omniscient, virtually elusive and exclusive weapon, would be prohibitively expensive to a nth degree to do battle with, and such a counter intelligence may even not exist or be able to ever exist.

You might like to share that view and current actuality/present reality, John, with any members of your audience/any interested and/or interesting parties at the 3rd Annual FedCyber Summit on 6th November who might have a pressing need to know, for it is certainly something that they are not able to avoid having to deal with if they be into the myriad mind fields of cyber security and virtual protection and reality projection, or into the searching for advanced and advantageous secrets of mutual benefit to exclusive executive administrative systems ….. Man Management Command with Remote Access Control Decks.


And now for something completely different …….

amanfromMars said on the comments thread here, http://amanfrommars.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/131105.html to Casey Evans who said on 5 November 2013 15:15 …..

If you know so much about government agencies why do you not post the contact emails for the british, german, japanese, chinese,canadian, mexican, african, and taiwanese governments so I can complaint about an actual problem rather than your unimportant information you post.

Maybe then someone will do something about my problem, because we all know you are to scared!

I am pleased to oblige and be able to help, CE.

You can find practically all that you need here …… THE LONDON DIPLOMATIC LIST

Care to share what be your problem?

6 November 2013 10:28


amanfromMars said … in reply to a rave comment … posted 5 November 2013 07:19 ….  which could almost be labelled a rant on http://amanfrommars.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/131104.html

It is most certainly true that words control worlds, CE, and can easily conjure up whatever magic be required for hearts and minds capture.

IT be an ancient and venerable art phorm which only a few are exceptionally brilliant at, as be evidenced by the state of play and disarray today in the news and views that stupid and dumb main streaming media providers present for reality.

6 November 2013 10:51


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