130912 …. Post Modern Trojans are Practically Everywhere ….. Just Quietly Doing their Fabless Thing

130912 …. Post Modern Trojans are Practically Everywhere ….. Just Quietly Doing their Fabless Thing

Posted Thursday 12th September 2013 10:00 GMT amanfromMars 1 … spilling the beans on PRISM tech on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2013/09/12/ietf_floats_prismproof_plan_for_harder_internet/
Methinks quite rightly so, the more likely truth be …..

Sadly the paper is a little light on for actual ideas about how the internet can be PRISM-proofed,…  … Simon Sharwood, 12th September 2013

Understandably is the paper a little light on actual ideas about how the internet can be better monitored and more smartly mentored, Simon, which is surely the galloping white knight to the rescue of the damsel in distress side of PRISM-like programs, of which there are bound to be quite a number on the dark black knight side too, given Man’s powerful and uncontrolled, and some would even say and have one believe, uncontrollable urges.
But only very few have a chance or any hope of being effective and worthwhile for IT is not a space and virtual environment which tolerates or caters for fools and their tools even should countless numbers of them imagine it and IT does and can provide them with all of their needs and feeds and seeds.
to: John Young <admin@cryptome.info>
date: Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 12:55 PM
subject: A Changed Paradigm ….. whether one recognises and can handle it with IT and Media or not.

And the fourth point, and this is what Keith alluded to, is a fresh look at the role of government on cyber security. And a fresh look at the role—or the relationship—between the private sector and government.

In the Worldwide Web, as Keith was noting, this critical infrastructure—85 percent of it—is held by the private sector. This is a privately owned and operated environment where we’re still not certain about what those rules are. But then, what’s the role of government in that arena? We know what it is in the physical environment—that within borders, whether states or cities or countries. ….. http://cryptome.org/2013/09/cia-cybersecurity.htm

Hi, John,
It is advisable to note and realise and widely inform the ignorant and vulnerable-to-exploit-and-zeroday-exploit masses, that there are not, and never will be, any certain rules in a privately owned and sublimely operated environment which so easily effortlessly and anonymously/autonomously delivers everything and anything that be needed for, to a nth degree which can have no bounds for limitation, an exceedingly comfortable and lucrative future.
Such then makes it most likely and much more probable that cyberspace sector expertise will organise and reorganise government and governments for the tailoring and implementation of their grand plans/great games rather than the converse/obverse.
And this maybe valuable information …… “Your security and well being are our primary concerns. By visiting this website from outside of the U.S. and contacting us, you may be subject to monitoring by security or intelligence services, or other third parties that do not adhere to U.S. Internet privacy laws. While we employ numerous safeguards to help minimize this risk, we suggest that you not use your home or work computer to contact us. Use instead a computer where you are entirely unknown. Although our website is encrypted, it is still possible for others to see that you have visited CIA.gov. As an added precaution, we recommend you use current web browsers and clean the computer’s search and/or browser histories after you visit the website.” ….. can be rendered practically useless and possibly dangerous because it is delivered after the fact and on a visit to https://www.cia.gov/cgi-bin/comment_form.cgi rather than being knowledge provided before a visit.
Such does though however provide others with an opportunity to test intelligence systems and organisations for desirable future strengths and present catastrophic weaknesses which will be highlighted and revealed by subsequent action which need only be inaction to prove a systemic analytical weakness which be easily exploited for massive gain, and/or pain if utilised in a malicious program.
Certainly one should not misunderestimate the not inconsiderable difficulties which can be presented to CIA/FBI/NSA/Cyber Command, and their ilk in other jurisdictions/nations/geographichal locations, by Great Game Players and Super IT Users in Virtually Real Fields with Live Operational Virtual Environments.
And I suppose there are those who would think to classify that as an APT ACT medium too rather than realise it be better played and invested in as a novel opportunity with SMARTR IntelAIgent Systems of Operation which offer guaranteed quiet stealthy delivery of fundamental global systems change.

February 28, 2013. For quick Cryptome submissions whose source may be monitored send to <admin[at]cryptome.info> (note “info” not “org”). Test with a benign message beforehand, expect no response or a bounce. Use infrequently to minimize pattern analysis. Not great comsec but better than covertly targeted, tapped, tricked, tracked and trapped drop boxes, pastes, anonymizers, proxies, spoofs, onions, clouds and sekret one-time spasms. Key security is to protect yourself, not rely on system, authority or disclosure paragons.

The paranoid cynic and/or psychotic schizophrenic in the audience, John, could easily view that advisory as being a sweet honey trap directly channeling items of domestic and foreign intelligence service interest for monitoring and mentoring/phishing and phorming and stealing, to those and/or that which they might be trying to avoid and evade. IT’s a mad, mad, mad, mad and bad and rad world, indeed, and in crazy administrative deeds is there both the undeniable truth and proof positive and negative and inescapable. 🙂
Others of a more sane bent might beta test it as a covert and/or clandestine channel for intelligence service engagement and prime plausibly deniable contact.
And thanks, Cryptome, for all the intelligence dumps/pumps. They are a rich and most valuable and highly valued open resource.

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