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The rocky road to ruin and inevitably also, because anything broken is always changed, change.

Why is the EU sending EU taxpayer funds out of the EU when there are plenty of companies in the EU who could take on more staff and benefit our combined economy if they were awarded the gig? …. Stu J Posted Thursday 4th July 2013 11:00 GMT

Stu J, Hi,
It is mistake to think it is EU taxpayer funds whenever it is simply ECB quantitative easing flash cash being used as an incentive to obtain a leading advantage ….. which is how the system works to try to defend itself against others anonymous and more worldly-wise who have the new information and greater intelligence that the system needs to survive and prosper/improve and run freely without pathetic unnecessary glitches/conflicts/crazy destructive regime spring cleanings.
Taxation is just one of those things which is used to have you not thinking and not accepting that money to spend is freely manufactured, and nowadays that is made even simpler and less irksome, because now are all major manufacturing and distribution networks supplied and service electronically/virtually, so one doesn’t actually, whenever supposedly rich, have any cash in a stash at all, but an easily changed, second and third party hosted account balance to draw cash from institutions which have been given valuables and cash to store.
And the simple fiat currency control of dumb mankind system is collapsing, and putting all of those who assume and presume to sit in power using taxation and in full support of fiat currency’s easily abused modus operandi, in clear and present danger of being recognised as an ignorant and dangerous idiot to be removed from the floundering and foundering mainstream media world picture show and who be targeting the weakest and most vulnerable of beings.
Now you know why having your own national currency is so convenient, for you can print and exchange as much of it as you like, but ideally, and some would even tell you that it be crucially and vital,if you want the system to survive and prosper/improve and run freely, is it a good idea to lode those and/or that [for nowadays is it more likely to be institutions and companies, and not accountable individuals, which are loded] which knows what needs to be done in a changed scenario and a smarter and getting smarter and better instantly informed world.
You are not alone in your thinking though, Stu J, which is cold comfort I suppose, whenever such a lack of thinking causes so many more mounting and daunting problems to appear and cause mayhem.

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