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Re: Hype or The Best Thing Since Slice Bread

It’s just a load of hype that idiot MPs are completely taken in by. Another splurge of money on nothing much at all. …. Consultants, corrupt MPs and lawyers are the only beneficiaries I can see from this. …. USER100

MPs would be complete idiots to be taken in by those views, USER100.

And there may be an extremely valid worry and even practically real fear that AI will garner increased benefits from/for more than just the targeting and compromising/outing into the light with critical catastrophically damaging exposure of deep and dark webbed practices of consultants, corrupt MPs and lawyers, ….. although to imagine throwing any amount of money at the emerging expanding problem will help to stop the inevitable, rather than just sort of kick the can of worms further on down the road and into the future as opposed to have to presently deal/do deals with it, in whatever phorms it chooses to morph into in order to be more effective and/or most deadly, is surely nonsensical, but an old established and usually quite successful trick well used for the generation of false hope in a dire emergency. However, things may be far from normal so goodness knows what the future brings.

Indeed, there may be great parallels to observe in the paths not dissimilarly taken by AI and viruses like COVID-19 with the effects and results from both being of an extremely similar nature.


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TITSUP before even launched? Now that’s a real bad start indeed which is bound to be relentlessly exploited

It appears that government[s] just don’t get this new fangled and entangling AI thing, which more than just a few who might definitely know otherwise, realise is so easily capable of being, and therefore is surely going to be, extremely disruptive and even mind-bindingly destructive, for they (government[s]) appear to think [although obviously they are not thinking deeper nor clearly far enough] that principals would be as registered players in any of their existing systems/current databases.

As a novel supplier, registering access for the RM6200 Artificial Intelligence Dynamic Purchasing System Agreement would appear to be severely unsuitably limited and aimed at known entities?

Please note that to register you must have a valid DUNS number (as provided by Dun and Bradstreet) for the organisation which you are registering, who will be entering into a contract if invited to do so. ….. Artificial Intelligence Reference number: RM6200





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