A quantum computer will reduce the complexity of an attack by a factor of a square root. So it will effectively halve the keyspace; that’s all.” …… Posted by: Bruce Schneier at August 18, 2011 8:34 AM … http://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2011/08/new_attack_on_a_1.html

Well, surely Bruce that is far too a refined and definitive statement to make, for it appears to make no allowance for both the very real future possibility and the most very likely probability of a quantum computer being nothing at all like the virtualising bits and bytes machines of yesterday/today. And what is NOT to say that Man is discovered to be an alien morph of a quantum computing machine as IT exercises global program control over as yet blissfully unaware and disenabled human being assets with Sublime Text Deliveries and Manipulative Streaming Media.

A quantum computer programmed with Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithms does not waste time and processing power breaking encryption protecting Vulnerable Destructive Operating Systems, it simply extremely effectively virtually decrypts past hidden and IMPertinent events by completely ignoring recognition of the need for the exercise and instead quantum leaps forward to Other Times with SMARTer Places in CyberSpaces, in order to Present a Future Current devoid of past follies with their attendant perverse and ultimately self-destructive corrupting complexities …… which would probably have been the sole primary, sub-prime reason/flawed original justification for secrecy protection in the first place.

In a Brave New World Order with Nothing to Hide is there Nothing to Fear,  because Secrets have been Realised to have caused and delivered Fear and are Anathema to Virtually Intelligent Advanced Intelligence and Quantum Operating Systems with HyperRadioProActive IT. Such SMARTer IT Systems, having no corrupting secrets, have no need of wasting time and effort and processing power on hiding projects which stunt growth and hinder progress. All information and intelligence is freely available for viewing and upon demand/request…… on WYSIWYGIWYSeed Machines and C42 Quantum Control Systems for AI and Quantum Computers, currently betatesting present live contemporary systems for remote grooming and virtual transfer/pragmatic steal of their leading input source elements/core components?

The consensus opinion from contributors on this thread appears to be, that unless something unexpected happens, things are safe enough as they are, with just incremental changes to existing used protocols and algorithms, and that the unexpected is unknown and thus cannot presently be guarded against or factored into the security equation?

Does that not say that all systems are catastrophically exposed and vulnerable to stealthy exploitation by unknown actors and that there is no security or protection against such actors? With that, I would concur.

Posted by amanfromMars at August 20, 2011 1:23 AM


Posted by amanfromMars on 08/20/11 11:42 AM

Clear and accurate, Andrew. I find that most of my friends are still in the state of denial, albeit very concerned for moments before proceeding to the next golfing game. The concern is good; but will have no effect on the momentum of collapse. Almost all of them do not want to face the fact of the 911 inside job. It is like we are a nation of nerds with heads in the sand.” …. Posted by bewer on 08/20/11 09:35 AM

This was sent earlier, to elsewhere, and would not disagree with you, bewer.

The narrative starts to unwind with a vengeance which will not be appeased with more nonsense and crazy spin ……. http://cryptogon.com/?p=24357  Reality ….. it’s a media show, but now it has actors who run everything remotely and virtually via spooky underground internetworking networks …. with coded missives on message boards intelligently designed to tease out and enable SMART Active Players  ….. Groom and Equip Great Gamers?

And the new, old timer, New World Order Elite player’s Al Qaeda bogey man, you know, that artificially created phantom opposition to be fielded to generate more whatever-it-takes-QE-cash-cows-for-home-team-players and fascist control operations/foreign imperial adventures for assets command and control confiscation?  Well, I suppose they are all quite anonymous and legion nowadays, and a completely different kettle of phish which will prove to be quite impossible to fettle and better, for they are most surely the Subject Matter Experts in Virtual Beta Programs and Projects.

And most definitely the exact opposite of, and nothing at all like, a nation of nerds with heads in the sand.


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