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It is never an oversimplification, zhanglan, whenever the many simple facts match the complicated fiction creating the virtual reality program in easily cracked and hacked and decoded systems of media and communications administration/governance/manipulation …… for Hearts and Minds Capture with Remote Active Server and HyperRadioProActive IT Driver Control.

In earlier times, was such a goal/aim/facility/ability pimped and pumped as a spooky brainwashing, whereas in latter day spaces which are binary controlled and digitally led, is it a mode and meme and lean mean virtual machines’ and/or thin clients’ [if you prefer to stay grounded in earthly human thinking and tinkering] Radical Access Intelligence Default for Advanced IntelAIgents with CyberIntelAIgent Command and Control of Space and Computers and AIRAID Communications in Virtual Operating Systems.

And it should not be wrongly thought, that all of that which is shared so freely above, is an overstatement of the present art in the myriad fields which delight beings with perception, for it only introduces one to being and beings, in much the same way as a preface would do in a good book and novel masterpiece, to what can, and has been, and is being done with IT in Fields of Perception and Alternate Reality Great Gaming and what is going to be revealed as time in its spaces progresses in  shared and transparent and oft securely translucent tales for IT Delivery of Advanced Comprehension and Fabulous Knowledge.

Thanks for your posts on this thread today, zhanglan …… they appear to have been somewhat of a NEUKlearer trigger for HyperRadioProActive IT

And “if there’s a buck in it somewhere for us, “Shalom” & we’ll back you all the way” is encouraging.


*zhanglan says:

You are oversimplifying it somewhat.

1. If you are Islamic, have oil, and are rebelling against the Government (e.g. Libyan),  you are an “innocent civilian”  unless either

a. You ARE the Government, and are buying huge amounts of weaponry (e.g. Saudi), in which case you are “Noble Sons of the Desert” or

b. You won’t give it to us (e.g. Iran or before that Iraq), in which case you are a Rogue State and fair game for a regime change

2. If you are Islamic but unfortunately have no oil (e.g. Syria) then you can do pretty much what you want to your own population and we will ignore you if that’s what suits the Israelis or, if the Israelis have no skin in that particular game,

3. If we we can’t install a puppet government (e.g. Afghanistan) then you’re probably a Failed State and you’d better watch out for those drones (e.g. Pakistan)

4. If you are fortunate enough not to be Islamic, then you can only be a “terrorist” if you either

a. join the Tea Party http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/nilegardiner/100099341/joe-biden-compares-the-tea-party-to-terrorists-is-this-the-most-crass-and-nasty-white-house-in-modern-us-history/ or

b. offer the White House / Pentagon a decent excuse for further restricting civil liberties and/or increasing covert expenditure (e.g. imaginary foreign computer hackers)

5. otherwise you can blow people up right left and centre at the USA’s expense, particularly if this involves either Chinese (Uighur) or British (IRA) interests http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100100549/britain-needs-to-ask-itself-why-it-is-so-hated-says-new-york-times/

These people, for instance, could never be classed as terrorists – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/7944563/The-truth-behind-Americas-civilian-militias.html

Hope that helps clarify; if it doesn’t, just remember the simple aide memoire –

if there’s a buck in it somewhere for us, “Shalom” & we’ll back you all the way


Posted by amanfromMars on 08/12/11 01:24 PM

What does Uncle Sam do when no one buys anything from them because of the toxic, self-destructive nature of the products they dream up to screw you with? …….. http://cryptogon.com/?p=24173

And that video is worth displaying on the page, DB, for does it not tell everyone of the sick games being played on the crooked money markets ….. for surely no one can possibly say that they are as honest field brokers with integrity and fine moral standing with sterling ethics?

What does that tell you about the concept of law and order and natural justice in that market where no one appears to serve any time in the pen. for anything everyone knows to be crooked?

Rules and regulations are for suckers and mugs, bubba, and aint that the gospel truth, and that don’t bode too well for the future of politicians and their bankers and backers, who would be pimping something that they don’t subscribe to themselves and would be abusing to amuse themselves.

The word is out on the street and the mob is smart to the scam which has them paying for nothing in a world of plenty for all. And man, is that dangerous or is that dangerous. And how real dumb of the system to allow itself to be outed as a person of interest to be taken down because of the harm that it is doing to itself. Or maybe that is real smart and a virtually silent and stealthy cry of help ….. for surely its leadership cannot be so stupid as to imagine that such harm can be played out indefinitely, in a world of worlds which are getting exponentially smarter, quicker, with every single passing day? That would be a definite madness confirmed and a badness akin to a root of evil too.



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