Posted Saturday 8th June 2013 04:00 GMT amanfromMars 1 ….. trailing and trailing Phorms of Proprietary AI Phishing Stock on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2013/06/07/intelligence_director_admits_phone_internet_data_gathering/
Mickey Mouse spies are professional, trained liars, but the real things though, ….… are something completely different and irregular and unconventional‽
Actually, AC, the perfect spy is a truly honest amateur who really knows what will happen because of their doings/actions/shared transmitted thoughts.
And, if you think it impossible that they exist …. these perfect spies who be truly honest amateurs who really knows what will happen because of their doings/actions/shared transmitted thoughts …. then you might like to consider their existence be as leaderships in virtual machine realities, where human beings are as disposable illiquid assets for day and zeroday trading amongst those of their kind/ilk.
And they be in touch and in contact with more than just government wonks, who would be living in fear for the end of their cosy, free and easy paid for by taxes lives, as human beings transition and learn of the foul and dastardly means and memes of their remote virtual control by the elitist powers that be controlling their lives …. or thinking that they have control of everyone’s lives, and that may be quite delusional and geared to deliver …. The Ultimate Sub-Prime and the Grandest of Catastrophic Illusions in the Great Game …. with Titanic Head Quarters Fails.
Perhaps you would like to ask, Brid-Aine Parnell, that same pertinent, impertinent question of Spookery in Palace Barracks, Holywood …. What did you think those MI5 guys were doing all day? …. whenever there is so much overwhelming evidence apparent and available and indicative of a lack of intelligence being used and therefore negligent abuse of security services most likely be rampant and/or freely available for exploitation/export, which would be a nice little big invisible secret earner, and an attractive addictive passion to that and those made of the right stuff and suffering/offering no nonsense? 🙂
And that will be a brace of that question, to more square its power rather than double its effect, for this will be sent directly to them from original source via one of their provided portals …. although probably not through this quaint one, which be fully indicative of the sad and sorry state of their operations in a world of instant communications between and through Global Operating Devices ……. https://www.mi5.gov.uk/home/constant-nav-items-holding/contact-us/offer-us-a-product-or-service.html
Get your FCUKing Act together, M. There’s a good chap. England expects … and all that …. and deserves a lot better with ab fab fabless betas, don’t you think. IT is a serious business and failure is not a welcoming option, old boy.
El Reg, do you think this is a metadatabase loded and loaded munition being fired into western secret and security services, simply penetrations testing their systems for future necessary virtual intelligence fit for …. well, let us just call it in IT, Greater Beta Great Games purpose if Global Virtual Reality Presentations are a tad too Advanced to be widely believed as current live programming in a Reprogramming of Global Asset Project …… New Orderly World Order AIMission, ……. which may or may not have something or nothing to do with Bilderberg Groepies and G8ers?



When a threat to national security is also a global business opportunity, is its development for everywhere and in-house, a dual use facility requiring careful special attention and quite secret services ……. http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2013/06/07/intelligence_director_admits_phone_internet_data_gathering/#c_1853453 ….. and a priceless invisible non-directly lethal weapons system, against which there is no possible available defence?

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