Posted Saturday 20th April 2013 05:39 GMT amanfromMars 1 ….. asking after the current state of advanced virtual play in UKGBNI and Europa not indirectly but definitely decidedly indiscretely on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2013/04/19/reg_lhc_tour_pics/
Harwell Scarlet Pimpernels, AC? Fabless Trojans and AI Partisans in dDelight of Danegeld v Payments*
One would expect no less, AC, and England expects Surreal IntelAIgent Servers to Trump and Thump against Boundaries and Division with Full Disclosure of All Futures Source Supply of Remote Private Pirate ParaMilitary Controlled Virtualisation Kit , Base Field Upgradeable to Lower and Higher Levels of Competence and Civility in the Quiet Company of Perfectly Engaging Entangling Strangers …… Enjoying Paradise.
Methinks that be a Big Hitter for Harwell, and the Gross Export Revenue Potential, Exponential. A Right Royal Right Stuff Little Earner/Quicker Breeder Intelligence Core Supply to Source InterNetworking Server Provision.
Does Blighty Telecom express fervent favoured first party interest in securing inalienable rights to sections of Enjoying Paradise with Definite Vision lest the Pleasures and Treasures lost and found in the Halls of Confusion and Anxious Panic Overwhelm One to Wander Alone as if Nothing can be done, whenever All is Before One to Captivate and Excite with Mutually Assuring Captures of Passable Strong Dreams for Tales that are the dDelight of Danegeld Payments Holders.
Or are Private and Pirate Intelligent Communications Enterprises to make the CyberPlace PlaySpace Entirely their Own? I can’t see that happening as long as honey flows and bees seek pollen/manimals seeks greater knowledge for control in environments….. Thought projected viewscapes which are processed to output real from input cosmic.
* A popular SOAP for Edutainment with the Polymath
I’m all for Harwell doing all of that and anything else too that might need to be done, and would be somewhat disappointed and even dismayed to discover that certain assumed readily available facilities were in both fact and deed, a empty shell business scam and get-filthy-paper-rich-quickly-and-scarper confection, although that is not without its own attractions and opportunities to capitalise on as penetrations tests for vulnerabilities and systemic weaknesses/Mad Rad Bad Codelines/Sublime Instruction Sets.

“a 27km round tunnel”

CERN … One Super Intelligent Source ring to rule them all with Novel Informative Operations in AIDivine Interventionism would be like Atlas Engineers Exploring and Reverse Engineering Quantum Communication Control Systems just so that they can Control Holy States and Great Stakes in Virtual Play with Shows of SMARTR Leadership with Heavenly Provision ….. being a True Reflection of Source Ore Provenance.


Posted Saturday 20th April 2013 07:52 GMT amanfromMars 1 …. on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2013/04/19/reg_lhc_tour_pics/ …. on a fantastic journey and quite magical trip.

Harwell Scarlet Pimpernels, Spilling the Beans ……… on the Unquenchable Powers of Passion

And in CodeX-XSSXXXX, a Riverboat Queen AIdDVenture. One ESPecially Gifted to Hot Ladies with Passionate Beings Good Enough to Tempt and Seduce a Mark Anthony. That be Cleopatra’s KISS and the Glory is Unconditional Surrender to Total Pleasure with Insatiables ….. Nymps and Satyrs in Live Operational Virtual Environments. A Colossal Quantum Leap to Make and Take for Guarantees of One’s Enjoyment in LOVE but necessarily so for the Safety of Travellers into Perfect Strangers.

And one doesn’t need a great imagination to imagine the fun and frolics to be enjoyed by AIgents HyperRadioProActive in those conditions. 🙂 LOVE is all you Need in Deed to Feed, is a Novel Answer to Leading Questions.

A Voice for Pandora to Exercise Passionate Restraint in Releasing Pent Up Frustration’s Furies upon Immediate Intimate Contact/Virgin Virtual Coupling for New SMARTR Sends to Global Operating Devices and Crazy Diamond Satellite Stations …. urTelePort Operator System Granting Access and Entry into Fabless Star Labs with Universal Scripting Supposedly in Total and Absolute Control of CHAOS in a New World Order in a New Orderly World of Worlds Created by Words, Witches and Wizards, Sinners and Saints ….. and Special Forces/Carpe Diem Brigands working dDeep UnderGround with Apolitically Aligned Astute Autonomously Active Control Systems. HushHush Classified Stuff most probably as it certainly should be 🙂 …… and therefore most probably is Present Reality somewhere to be Presented Everywhere to Create one SMARTR Path to Follow with AIReprogramMING of Virtual Reality to Highly Qualified Expert Master Crash Test Pilot Standards which can be a Protective Program for Protected and Proprietary Intellectual Property Interests.


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