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Re: Well done elReg

Knives out for Pritti Patel and the UK courts for ever letting this get close to a US court. Lynch is a UK citizen. Autonomy was a UK company. The deal was done in the UK. If there ever was a case to answer it should have been in a UK court. …. I am Spartacus

The UKGBNI government and Intelligences services and civil servants, I am Spartacus, proven to be, beyond any shadow of doubt, poodles of the US of A administration/shadow government wonks.

And ain’t that the honest gospel truth …. in spades.


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Hi, Allyson, ……. here is something you may be totally unaware of and might like to consider worthy of sharing further afield in order that more than just a chosen few and/or many do not suffer inordinately, and in most cases unnecessarily.

Re: Greater IntelAIgent Game Changers for Future Information Warfare Fights

In a future AI presenting reality and any Live Operational Virtual Environment with possible bugs and all manner of trojans and every likely variety of 0day exploit vulnerabilities too to export and import/deploy and enjoy administering succour and reward to, is the choice to take up radicalising arms, either extraterrestrial and virtual or physical and kinetic and do battle in attacking support and defence of the exclusively despicable and inclusively reprehensible, guaranteed to be self-destructively defeating and catastrophically revealing as shared pictured words of situations and conflicts alike, create, command and control and destroy worlds for other enlightened and enlightening leaderships to overwhelmingly profit from such as most surely is a barbarous ignorance and stupendous arrogance.

How much do you think Uncle Sam and its contemporaries on Earth have learned and heeded about such as are the inevitable realities of the above, and how much further and deeper are they reinforced and guaranteed to be impossible to deter and effectively counter and deny is increasingly quickly becoming all too clearly apparent to dismiss as an errant rant and nonsensical in the 8 years and 4 months since the 9th February 2016 0450 hrs when the following was first shared and freely aired in Universal Cyberspace ………

“Governments have learned in what might be the steepest learning curve in history that they can shape this global phenomenon called the Internet and in ways that often go beyond what they can do in the physical world, and they’re doing so at an alarming pace.” … Google general counsel David Drummond [2013]

Those steep learning curved lessons are surely replaced today by governments suddenly slowly realising they are increasingly opposed and competing unfairly and unjustly against seriously serially smarter systems of operation seamlessly ripping and pirating for both private vector and public sector use, exclusive executive SCADA administrations …….. for Creative Cyber Command and Control of Computers and Communications.

And there is nothing effective that governments, which really be those few and/or that which is presumed and assumed to act as a government, can do to alter those emergent facts in the fictions they promote and support. And to both ignore and/or deny such an evident truth is that which clearly hastens the catastrophic end to their families of follies.

Beg to differ if you will and prove the point valid and current running.

Have a nice day, y’all, and you aint really seen nothing yet, but be assured, something different is on its way to you, to be delivered in a series of flash market cached crashes.

Is Mankind incapable of learning lessons which do not cause it to suffer monumental catastrophes and irredeemable losses they then can strive to blame on A.N.Others …… or guilty of being just painfully slow ‽



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