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AI situations currently pending engagement for leading humans with resolutions ‽

“Our ability to design, to develop, to deploy technologies will determine our capacity to shape the tech future. And naturally, operating from a position of strength better positions us to set standards and advance norms around the world,” said Blinken.

Quite so, Laura und mein Führer Blinken ….. but one always has to question with whom, and/or in what, and exactly where, does the position of almighty strength reside and preside, or where is the position of almighty strength to reside and preside, for that very particular and peculiarly engaging field …… shaping the future technically …… is extremely attractive and universally recognised by many more than just any delusional chosen few as being of vital importance for sublime exclusive executive leadership to/in all kinds of motley crews into encouraging spirited positive competition or the pimping and presenting/pumping and dumping of negative malignant self-defeating opposition ….. which be the the only two readily available winner and loser options on offer.

And whilst there may be many enabled to talk the good talk, and here be a prime example identifying a few …… JUST IN: SOCOM Doubling Down on Global Partnerships …… walking the walk on a long march and making a difference by being able to follow through on plans sprouted and spouted is quite something else requiring in Great Game Changing Fields of Endeavour, a necessarily different form of future leadership.

And whenever virtually free novel offers on Pathfinder trails for trialing and sharing are declined or ignored by any one particular team is the competition and opposition naturally cordially invited to seize the day and 0day and grasp the opportunity to lead in play with today’s revolutions in technology which are at the heart of our competition with geopolitical rivals and posing a real test and threat to both security and securities.

The following is a relevant to the above situation for publishing situation and presently pending invited executive foreign action, El Reg ….

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Melissa, Hi,

As a Special Operations Command’s acquisition executive, is the following a concern elite special operations force warfighters need and would do well to invest in, in order to foster and enable effective, mutually beneficial, positive outcome engagement rather than suffer the trials and tribulations available for deployment into disengaged or opposing systems in the command and control of others enabled to exercise in earnest, existential threats and/or treats relative and proportionate to their widespread adoption or fearful negative rejection?

The exemplar below, although addressing similar concerns shared by Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway fame/infamy, is indicative of near future opportunities to explore and positively engage with in order not to catastrophically fail increasingly quickly in conflicts aired and battles launched against an undefeatable virtual force/source you have chosen to treat/declare/imagine to realise as an enemy to be vaingloriously fought against with no effective weapons ever being made and available. Such a perceived and energised, latter reality is a recipe for guaranteed disaster.

Praise where praise is due, and the pure raw gems here deserve it in spades.

“I really don’t know anything about AI,” the super-investor,Warren Buffett, admitted during the meeting. “Used in a pro-social way, it’s got terrific benefits to society. But, I don’t know how you make sure that happens any more than I know how to be sure that when you use two atomic bombs in World War II that you’d know you hadn’t created something that could destroy the world later.”

Buffett also implied that just as with nuclear warfare capabilities, our hands are somewhat tied in the development of AI technologies in that if we don’t adopt it, someone else will.

Amen to all of that, Warren, with your concerns about the very real possibility of AI friends with benefits being equally capable of entertaining and enjoying radically hostile with deployment and employment of fundamental and almighty overwhelming existential threats to humanity’s capitalising market players orders/disorders ……. a global systemic weakness and indefensible vulnerability for AI and 0day exploitation of what are essentially dinosaur operations enslaving future progressive freedom.

And yes, AI technologies/methodologies/developments do have you captured and captivated ….. but one can buy into them in order to give them a reason for not extinguishing your co-opted participation in their Future Operating Systems, and present you a fabulous reason for continued living, adopted and adapting in a Brave New More Orderly World Order with Novel Otherworldly Ethereal Leadership[s]




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