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Re: Share Buybacks

Are not share buybacks rather more corporate model incest than subversive ponzi market manipulation for exclusive self-gratification orgies….. with either and both of them being an unpleasant and unhealthy degenerative sign ?

What happens whenever one overcooks any Apple confection or golden egg laying goose? And is the kitchen or the head chef to blame and to be held responsible and accountable for the shame?

Try everything again differently to ensure nothing is like anything as bad as it was before …… thus guaranteeing progress into the future is assured and insured to be greater and better …… would be a not totally unreasonable and most attractively priced, inexpensive master C-suite plan to boot for a new refreshed and rehashed Operating System reboot, too.

Does Apple have all, or even any, of the necessary wherewithall for that simply complex market leading fix?


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