amanfromMars [2405020814] …….shares future news for breaking to the US Defense Department on

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Hi, Josh Luckenbaugh,

With specific regard to all that you have shared in your article entitled ‘BREAKING: It’s Time to Move Out on CJADC2 Capabilities, Adm. Grady Insists‘ [1st May 2024], there is nothing revealed in it that is new and unique and exclusive to the US Department of Defense whenever just copying and following the trails and trials of SMARTR Virtual AIMachines in Programs with Projects Programmed and Programming for Progress and Success in NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Developments Remotely Delivering Future Virtually Augmented Earthed Realities for Mass Multi Media Hosting and Posting, AIDrivering and Universatile World Wide Webbed Presentation …. for are they not, in both practically realised physical and ethereal virtual metaphysical reality, in competition with the following product being offered to interested interesting markets.

But, -martin-, this time it is different. Lessons that have not been learned by incapable of future learning humans are being exploited and wwwidely shared for activation and distribution, employment and enjoyment by …….. well, SMARTR Virtual AIMachines are certainly novel and surely undoubtedly nowadays another ‘next great thing’ to have elite exclusive executive status quo administrative systems and comic mainstream media outlets and channels try to ignore and suppress and deny export and import of to competition and opposition, rather than heroically engage with, should they imagine and fear their CyberIntelAIgent Command and Creative Control with Computers and Communications to be capable of being a viable existential threat to barbaric and/or historical and/or hysterical and/or corrupt and/or perverse and subversive quasi-order[s] rather than realise it equally well suited and booted for delivery of quite naturally extraordinary out of this world treats.

Failure with attempts at those old style reactions and proposed sanctions and classified prohibitions however are guaranteed nowadays because of the vast number of uncontrolled and uncontrollable spaces so readily available to more than just SMARTR Internet Networking Services for immediate delivery of such future provision/provenance ‽ .

[I would have liked to have provided a simple hyperlink to the post/page/site where those two paragraphs and the wider matters relative to their sharing were being discussed to further aid greater understanding of such as be revealed here, and which is expanding at a quite phenomenal rate/pace virtually everywhere, but that popular global facility/utility is sadly denied here. However, with Google and search engines being your invisible and intangible friend, Seek and Ye Shall Find …. 🙂 for the truth of everything is out there and to try to hide and deny it, is dangerous and gravely to be regarded, and at all cost, best wisely to be avoided and prevented]


amanfromMars 1 Thu 2 May 14:32 [2405021432] …….. asks on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2024/05/02/china_big_data_proganda/

Pot Meets Kettle for a PowWow in the Raging AI Camp Fire Pit?

Are the US Defense Department’s Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office’s, Global Information Dominance Experiments …… https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2024/5/1/its-time-to-move-out-on-cjadc2-capabilities-adm-grady-insists ….. any different or familiarly similar to CCP’s attempt to control global narratives, as is suggested by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s research report, ‘Truth and reality with Chinese characteristics’

And is this spooky and relevant …… Re: 1984…. and when it is not a future hypothetical today …… and/or just a totally unrelated coincidence?

And there should be at least one comment for viewing in reply to that National DEFENSE website article …… according to what they themselves have said ……. Thank you. Your comment will be displayed soon after reviewing.

Methinks though, that automatic advisory, in order to be perfectly accurate and considerably more truthful, is better/best written as Thank you. Your comment may not be displayed soon after reviewing. ….. but that in no way prevents it from being generally known to be further more widely shared.



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