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If DUP lose that largest NI party in Westminster in the General election to SF also, political Unionism will be so demoralised, it may be difficult to stop the rot from inside. ….. Michael HEGARTY

In these changed times with exciting and engaging virtual spaces, ever more being realised by maybe more than just majoring IT and AI professionals* as vital and virile and viral necessities with Live Operational Virtual Environments to be mastered for the leading of any novel and noble offering promising clear advantage and primacy going forward into the future …. which for those who can only follow the news rather than those able to create and direct the news is surely nothing less than the Great Unknown …… do you think Sinn Fein will continue to observe the rot within Westminster from their positions outside or will they bite the bullet and, whenever popularly elected to do so in the comfort of facilities and with utilities provided virtually gratis within, enjoy their right to privileges and expenses and sensitive access to secretive Parliamentary shenanigans/insider information, and in so doing expand and strengthen any powers that a politically astute and adept representative party might possess and which would allow greater leadership to continue to emerge and flow and make never before ever even imagined possible changes?

For that is what is readily available for exercising with such a simple course of logical legitimate action.

Just Do It, Sinn Fein ….. It’s been a Long Troubled March from a Dirty Little War and you’ve earned the pleasure of enjoying the spoils in peace. Carpe Diem, every day.

The World has changed. Are you not yet aware of it? …. Words Create, Command and Control and Destroy Worlds, and Dreams are Vulnerable to Daemonic Attack and Verbal Assault Too. Beware the Bankrupting Idiot Warmonger with No Plan for Peace and Prosperity …… for such is the Enemy Ripe Ready for Elimination/Extermination/Expulsion Within.

* …. Clusters of Ethereal Amateurs


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