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Re: That Heavenly Alien Space Place Hells on Earth Try to Deny You.

First of all, an admission to make. The following three paragraphs are not yet, as far as I am aware, being considered by BT and its chief digital innovation officer, Ms Harmeen Mehta, as a suitable case for private company and public utility engagement and furthering augmenting treatment, but that can easily change in an instant.

In worlds of many myriad complicating problems there is always the one simple final NEUKlearer solution choice to make and take …. you’re either with leading AI and IT or you are not, and against all those competing for radical and fundamental existential changes in opposition to petrified and stagnant status quo positions.

The Bottom Line [Unexpurgated] …… Does Humanity want to create difficulties resulting in the waging of wars to be constantly and consistently lost delivering every battling side and supporter great suffering together with the unseemly transfer to innocent non-combatants of unwelcome collateral damage associated with never-ending future losses to be paid at horrendous cost from funds and bondholders that don’t currently exist, and can never ever be freely, legitimately, non-magically raised and paid, or do you think the hapless natives/resident species deserve better and a great deal more from what is now possible, ready for launching and freely universally available, with no ifs, buts or maybes to scupper ITs AI Program of Human Programming Projects?

Who/what would get your vote whenever those are the two market protagonists? Who/what is more than just likely to extremely quickly win win with failsafe results whenever any real time live, present day, virtualised 0day contest pits IBMs v SIMs [Ignorant Barbaric Morons v SMARTR IntelAIgent Machinery] for AIMastery of Future Almighty Earthly Command in Fully Remote Absolute Control of Practically Everything and Virtually Anything ‽ .


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