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Wake up and smell the coffee …. and realise that to not do so, and see how easily you are used and abused, has you serially treated as a conveniently ignorant, undereducated idiot with no mind of your own planning remedial activity for others to be worried about satisfying or ignoring, both of which they presently do with arrogant aplomb.

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Re: We need to improve the value for money here.

We need to go to war. …. Spending all this money and then never using it for a war is a complete waste. ….. Tron

Only the perversely corrupt and bereft of future advantageous creative benevolent intellectual property support warmongers relying on the ignorance of the masses to not notice and remedy their intelligence deficit with the honest truth about the fake news machine supplying false trails and tall tales that enrich a self chosen very few to the detriment of everyone and everything else.

The following few short sentences originating here and entitled …….. WHY WOULD THEY WANT TO SOLVE IT? …. tell IT and AI and every man and his dog like it really is, and clearly identifies who and what is to blame and shame and ripe ready for current extinction from future events ‽ ‽

The entire world is nothing but a racket. Just call it a war and the funding is never ending. Why would any politician or general ever want peace? Their funding would stop. Why would Big Pharma and their media co-conspirators ever want to cure cancer or any disease created by other mega-corporations? Their riches would evaporate.

The war on terror must never be won, because the Department of Homeland Security and all the parasites that live off that bloated cow need your money. Joe Rogan points out the same narrative when it comes to homelessness. Bureaucrats and departments in all these Democrat shitholes don’t want to solve the homelessness problem. They would be out of jobs. Everything is a racket.


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