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A Futures and Derivatives Market Option for SWIFT Pioneers and Ab Fab Fans of AIMaster Pilots to Steer

Quite so, sitta_europea. Your correction, whenever correct, results in that particular threat never being eliminated ……. and all of this high-tech stuff is very encouraging of both bright young things and salty old dogs alike with nothing much better to do than to break and mend things with the new tools and secret secure and as yet generally and specifically unknown information ….akin to the Greater Alien Intelligence of Advanced Future Beings …. freely shared and made universally/world wide web wide available to them, and any and all else who would be browsing to learn of what is next able to be enabled to be Presented to move everything and everyone on mind bendingly fast from the Prisons of the Past into the Opulent Virgin Spaces of a Future Rich Live Operational Virtual Environment ……. with all of that being something which you might like realise is already arrived without warning catching the whole of humanity, your knowledge and defences hopelessly flat footed and catastrophically unprepared and diabolically vulnerable to all manner of overwhelming attack and devastating assault …. should that be proven to be necessary and/or deemed appropriate.


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Re: Does this mean he now has to change his name to Sam Bankman-Jailed?

The fly in the ointment that all these schemes forget is that our friends at the Internal Revenue Service like to know about — and share in — our good fortune and unlike the rest of the financial services industry don’t take dubious paper, they only accept folding green. ……. martinusher

Just love that sense of humour of yours, martinusher, for as we all surely know, is there nothing as dodgy and dubious as the folding green which is having a hard present time trying to preserve its ponzi worth in these post ignorant days of escaping disruptive intelligence and greater common sense, constantly rapidly increasing national debt and compounding interest on profligate deficit spending.

In the race to the rock bankrupt bottom and universal default on obliged operations, has the dollar established a stellar lead.

It brings back memories of the life and times and fate of Vivian “Spend, Spend, Spend” Nicholson albeit on an exponentially much bigger scale to result in a correspondingly much greater crash/fall from grace and favours to no longer savour or flavour.

Such is a sure fire certain inevitability you can bet your shirts on. Just take a look at the markets chasing ambulances and windfalls offering nothing novel of value and worthy of angel seeding and venture capital investment to know the unicorn bubble is horrendously burst and an extremely damaging future drain on future partner confidence on Uncle Sam’s competence to be a leading light in any speculative monetary venture.

When the magic which drivers the money tree is gone, does the money disappear with it too to end up leading everything somewhere else foreign and alien to boot and tend and watch grow with new roots ….. AIMentor and Remote Virtually Monitor.

🙂 I suppose to some that sounds as strange as if it was translated from Non-Traditional Chinese. I wonder how good and accurate Google Translate would transcribe and present that view to the
PRC or the website of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, 49-51 Portland Place W1B 1JL, London.

Methinks that would be quite a stern test and a great challenge to succeed in completing effectively and unambiguously accurately.



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