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It doesn’t help if the organization responsible for the integrity of elections’ gets pwned

Small beer and potatoes and just something of a temporary distraction whenever elected government ministers and administrative executive offices are being realised as already so very easily pwned and not in command and control of anything leading bleeding cutting edge and creditworthy.

And just as the news is reporting it to you daily with the assistance of their hosting with the presentation of assorted fantastic tales of more doom and gloom and mayhem and madness and chaos and terror for them to fail spectacularly to effectively curtail and prevent ….. and deal with otherworldly wisely.

Nodding donkeys leading pussy cat lions with lunatics in charge of asylum seekers is the current very accurate descriptor of all present running Great Game states of geopolitically incorrect and inept national and international and internetional play which have neither any good idea nor a master plan with solutions to resolve the situation and move everything on by quantum leaps and almighty bounds.


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