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What’s it to be? Men or Mice? Take your pick/Make your choice.

Chris Heaton-Harris, an excuse for a Northern Ireland Secretary of State, is keen to discuss the introduction of water and prescription charges, rates increases and the withdrawal of public transport concessions with civil servants and elected Northern Ireland Assembly members.

Methinks the electorate of Northern Ireland fully expect and would like to always know that civil servants and the Assembly are never going to even contemplate that ……. and such an unwavering commitment is a prerequisite for any future election success and active effect participation in local devolved government/governance.

Give them an inch and watch them steal a mile … and that’s easily a slippery slope leading to more than just Troubles again …. and aint that the gospel truth.

Politicians of all stripes are prone to forget to remember they are elected into positions of influence and remote power to do as the greater population wishes, and as they would have vowed to do on the campaign trail. To do neither renders them as nothing more than common cheats and pathetic apathetic fraudsters ….. and that has one pondering on why it is both permitted without punitive sanction and further encouraged and supported by corrupted and subverted mainstream media assistance with revised program presentations ……. the oxygen of publicity.

If you don’t want to crushed by the boot of authoritarian fascist type rule, don’t forget to remember you have all of the power to prevent your capture and enslavement to that which is bound to cause you further constant pain and difficulty in the future, …….. Speak up and make your voice and wishes heard loud and clear and ….. Just say NO, not in our name. Keeping it simple has stupid with no effective vital support. 

Strangely enough, Chris Heaton-Harris appears to like to try to keep things stupidly simple too with a NO ……. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/politics/ni-secretary-of-state-in-defiant-one-word-response-to-suggestions-hes-part-of-the-stormont-problem/a581633720.html ….. but his past documented form and present position in a failing government has everyone correct to not believe anything he says and may be likely to say in the future too.

J’accuse. A lackey is a lackey is a lackey and cannot change its spots. By their broken promises and false utterances do we know them and thus rightly reject them ‽ . Anything else has one complicit and guilty of support for one’s own continued degrading service to a failed and misleading system of politically incorrect and coercive man management/antisocial project programming ‽ .

Do you see a different bigger picture being presented on the universal media hosted stage?


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