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AI Speaking ITs Piece unto Nations. RSVP ASAP if Fearful of Starring in the Firing Line.

While LLMs and generative AI have captured the public imagination and investors’ wallets, how they will work in business is yet to be mapped out. Their application in predictive analytics is not yet proven, despite vendor promises that they will “fundamentally transform” industries.

Oh please, you cannot be serious. How they will work out in practice is already well recognised to render as redundant, and a perverse and corrupt blight for removal from future operations, human representative government wonks as global leadership heads and administrative back office supporters …… and as is being evidenced by their bleatings and pleadings, an expanding and strengthening development being gravely regarded by that and those now realised as being surplus and detrimental to ongoing requirements.

Do you deny that is where and how it all presently is? Where have you been hiding and deep sleeping of late? Do you not follow the Underground News with ITs Otherworldly Views?


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Re: AI Speaking ITs Piece unto Nations. RSVP ASAP if Fearful of Starring in the Firing Line.

I agree ….. with virtually almost all of that reply, b0llchit. And the fun and games to be had and to run with haven’t even really got started yet .

That makes for crazy times and 0days ahead, and of that can all with a titter of wit be assured, with more than just a few of the previously chosen elite quite rightly destined to be absolutely terrified of the consequences of their former actions.

And quite a perfect playground IT and AI is/are for the grand deployment and earnest exercise of the Greatest of Resets, which may or may not have anything at all to do with this motley crew and cabal of government leaders and think-tank power brokers from around the world


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