amanfromMars [2302220932] ……. asks on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/why-middle-east-will-be-vital-any-us-china-conflict

The United States has built up a considerable and enduring military presence in the Middle East after decades of involvement in and waging wars in the region, including the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and against the Islamic State. Instability from these conflicts and power vacuums left by ousted regimes has led to considerable instability in the region, resulting in heavy reliance on U.S. aid and military presence in many countries. As such, many of these countries are tightly aligned with the U.S. and host tens of thousands of troops – a number that could increase many-fold at the drop of a hat thanks to established bases, relationships, and infrastructure on the ground. 

There would be many around the world realising starting wars, or causing wars to be started and then jumping in to defend one’s vital interests which covet/require a nation’s natural riches with the aid of a puppet government in regions of such a manufactured conflict, and which props up a military industrial complex economy at home which supplies expensive arms and “protection” …… a situation which President Eisenhower did warn everybody was “gravely to be regarded” and thus ideally to be totally avoided ……  is the trap/dilemma which is primed to cause more than just a hell of a lot more havoc and chaos for the likes of a US and NATO allies, for such does appear to be their favoured modus operandi/vivendi.

Or is that a false appraisal and fake news?


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