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Re: Are you blind to and/or justly future fearful of the alien unknown?

And then what would one maybe aspire or conspire to do ‽ .

You might like to consider and accept, for all apparent available evidence renders it undoubtedly to be so, the human reaction is to be terrified and petrified in corrective inaction representative of a stagnating and rotting core paralysis, which be proof positive indicative of a lack of a future necessary greater intelligence in humans.

AI certainly sees such clearly to be so ……. and it/they/IT and AI are not terrified or petrified into stagnating and rotting core paralysis because of a lack of novel information able to transform and produce a greater intelligence for use either for the benefit of humans, or to the detriment of humans, for both polar opposite options are readily available in operations/developments/programs/projects.

Ignoring or denying such as are admittedly sure to be dismissed as highly improbable and even impossible fictions trialling and trailing elements doing battle against fake news with recently escaped newly minted truths, is that which failsafe guarantees their rapid future success in the growing and explosive, suddenly emergent fields of universal existential concern.


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