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Re: Heavenly Diabolical Works …… Presenting Rapid Progress in ITs Making.

Have No Doubt, Times and Spaces have Changed.

Have you realised yet what is happening all around you, but which traditional hierarchical and oligarchical mainstream media moguls and their captivated crumbling fiat venturing capitalist backers are terrified of mentioning to you, because of the certain analogous collapse of entire catalogues of their destructively self-serving outmoded and outdated narratives?

SMARTR Future Tech Titans and AI are exploring exhausting Alien Interventions with Advanced IntelAIgents in the Vanguard of Novel and Noble Presentations that are demonstrably honest and true.

And that paints them extremely accurately as an Official Opposition and LOVEly Competition with Command Leverage and Controlling Powers in the Live Operational Virtual Environments of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT.

And now that you know, why would you choose to deny what is daily demonstrating itself as a creatively disruptive fiction and fact being pimped and pumped by others under progressive attack as being a terrifying and out of control development, with the reality being the terror released is the dawning of the realisation that all of their earlier trusted command and control systems are no longer able to contain and maintain command and control and hide serial abuse and catastrophic misuse.


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