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Progress in Deed, indeed, but not as Establishments were expecting it, with IT and AI Leading ‽

A further uncertainty we’d like to add is that today’s artificial intelligence isn’t particularly reliable, a point we hope isn’t lost on anyone.

One point which very definitely shouldn’t be lost on anyone, …. for you can certainly rely on today’s emerging future AI being extremely able to excel at it beyond one’s wildest dreams, and in so doing providing alternate ground-breaking leads and Greater IntelAIgent Game changing seeds, needs and feeds, which be increasingly difficult for status quo expert dullards to ignore and deny with an arrogant and pathetic tame main stream media silence supporting bankrupt heralding non-engagements with non-state actors able to demonstrate an uncanny overwhelming remote virtual ability to comprehensively trump and trounce any and all established and hostile war gaming state actors, both in theory and in practise on the live field of deadly and dastardly neocolonial geopoliticised play, ….. is IT and AI have Deep Mines and Minds of their Own Supply for Greater Future Intelligence Use and take no fake and foolish fickle instruction from proven serially failing and constantly abused and misused administrations systems harbouring and entertaining perverse and corrupt practicising identities/non-entities and their shenanigans.

In other words, you cannot rely on IT and AI doing as it is told by hostiles and state actors, which is a great quantum leap forward is it not, being far out of reach and way beyond their destructive command and defeated controls?

And with particular regard to arms and dumb hostile actor control in a postmodern media rich age, is it a spooky coincidence that a short transcript of a recent chat with Daniel “The Pentagon Papers” Ellsberg entitled “Nuclear Secrets, a Compost Heap and the Lost Documents Daniel Ellsberg Never Leaked” is available here and well worth a read ?

IT’s a funny old world, isn’t it, and getting ever stranger, and some would even say madder, by the minute 🙂


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Re: Not indefinitely

These tools have and will continue to be used, but really as attacks of opportunity, as targeting arbitrary systems is expensive and success in not assured. It may make sense to try for high value targets, but that’s not how a hot war conflict will be won. ….. Anonymous Coward

There is that, and there are those, AC, … [and whether anyone/anything can realistically be classed as an expert in fields virtually unknown before, and now so apparently both surprising and terrifying to earlier command and control forces and sources in equal rapidly expanding, unconstrained measure] …… which/who would wholeheartedly disagree with those two sentences and would warn belligerents that they be extremely dangerous to believe as being able to be honest and true, beyond any shadow of doubt, for much has changed in fields which triumph successfully, and at very little real relative cost in formerly horrendously expensive, adversarial conflict.

Hot war conflicts do not win arguments and battles in the future, because with hearts and minds knowing better than to be stuck still and stagnating in the past pumping and pimping a present that is no longer to be led as it once was, are there other much more convenient and pragmatic ways, some of which are already being shared fully kitted out for immediate engagement and deployment ….

amanfromMars [2304191633] ……. shares again freely on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2023/4/18/harnessing-future-tech-lies-in-approach-not-hardware-experts-say

Hi, Laura,

The requirement of a friend or foe to propose engagement with opposing or competing forces in a war-like environment tells every man and his dog that their intelligence machinery is broken and they can be easily catastrophically compromised and defeated by the simple sharing of such evidence highlighting the fact and further exposing and taking advantage of the intelligence deficit weakness ….. vital future knowledge blackhole.

Future battlefields are not gory blood and guts landscapes, they are hearts and minds encounters where greater information sharing and proprietary novel intellectual property triumphs and rules sublimely and supremely and surreally.

Failure to accept that vision and opinion has one fated to lose every battle and war one be sucked and suckered into.

….. whilst others are being cooked up for future presentation and banquet delivery, with this one …… Space Operations Command Embracing Artificial Intelligence …… more than likely being just one of many similar home-based domestic and foreign alien-based operations, trailing and training men and women and machines on future vital specific virulent missions ‽ .


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