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AI won’t be the end of civilisation as we know it but its IT is shaping things yet to come.

You think AI is inherently wiser than humans? That’s an interesting take. …. veti

El Reg shares news of just such a possibility being of concern to those in architectural practices, although whether it is wisdom, or something else altogether different but not wholly dissimilar they fear from AI, is a key enigmatic confusion rapping in mysterious riddles of stealthy Churchillian proportioned endeavour and rightful exercise, methinks, if it be thought humans need to fear AI output/results/thoughts/conversations, or whatever else humanity in its limited wisdom conspires to deliver.

The unique creative powers of the human mind, so the narrative goes, will endure. I beg to differ, however. There are signs that AI is becoming not only good, but terrifyingly good, to the point that it is beginning to expose our own limitations as human beings… …. Neil Leach, a professor at Florida International University who directs the Doctor of Design program

One thing though, in the midst of all that is CHAOS* and Confusion, Madness and Mayhem which definitely is absolutely certain, is if humans were a lot wiser, they would be responsible and accountable for a great deal less harm and deserve many fewer much smarter and more deadly focussed enemies, both real and virtual, imagined and physical.

*Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems


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