amanfromMars [2210301523] ….. having a say on https://sluggerotoole.com/2022/10/30/open-sunday-politics-3/

If you want things to change, and there’s surely nobody here denying a change is long overdue, and not just here in the UKGBNI, you have to first be able or enabled to think differently in order to be able to act differently or and also to be able to enable others to also act differently and ideally, sympathetically in support and accordance with greater attractive wishes.

Keep it all that simple and it will be just too complicated for enemies or opponents in competition to stop.

And whenever where to begin is a prime leading question for answering in such a matter, here is a tale of one starting point to sequester and effectively micro-manage because of its inordinate effect on a vast array of greater macro products/projects/programs …… and it must be said, although all available evidence does sadly suggest otherwise, something one would reasonably have expected to be in the ken and gift/command and control of Secret Intelligence and Stealthy Security type Services [MI5/MI6/GCHQ/NCSC], and that appears to be where all of the catastrophic and debilitating failures and weaknesses reside and fester in public ownership institutions.

amanfromMars 1 Sun 30 Oct 08:12 [2210300812] ….. points out what is maybe not blindingly obvious to blind men on galloping horses on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/10/27/chinese_misinformation_dragonbridge_elections/

Re: UK government nationalist socialist fantasies

Dear UK government: Lose those nationalist fantasies – they have done enough damage already with Brexit. Get your paws off our net and concentrate on keeping the lights on, or you will get spanked into oblivion at the next election, where you belong. …. Tron

It never rains but it pours, Tron, and there be so many worthy parades to drown one’s sorrows and wash away one’s griefs in.

Here’s news of the latest Prime Ministerial puppet-master and Dishy Rishi strings puller, ….. Ms Amber de Botton engaged to deflect and refract any light being shone on emerging fascist tendencies with tall tales that would be unable against dogged forensic journalistic investigation to truthfully deny them.

A real BS gig is that one for sure, whenever unfortunate matters can be so evidently rendered so easily true, as not?

And what does that tell y’all about the reach and power of media, without which political circuses cannot survive and prosper with novel proposals to be tested and funded at your crushing expense and disappearing wealth?

And such does give rise and beg the gazillion dollar question to try dodge answering ….. Who and/or what commands and controls whom and/or what these days in times of explosive media streaming, 0day vulnerability exploitations, deep see phishing and core source kernel attacks delivering sensitive secrets breaches and stealthy remote future anonymous and autonomous access to upcoming AWEsome disruptive events …….. for that is currently the present state of leading states and/or intelligently designed entities into Greater IntelAIgent Games Play ……which understandably be peculiarly perilous and peculiarly parlous for the many unworthy, pleasantly pioneering and prolifically profitable for A.N.Others and a suitably select few ‽ .


amanfromMars [2210301644] ….. saying a tad more on https://sluggerotoole.com/2022/10/30/open-sunday-politics-3/

Ok, interesting but what is your one takeway thing? …. ManAlive

In a nutshell, and in as few a number of words as make common sense to one and all, ManAlive, and I Kid U Not ….. Putting your trust and hopes in the stock, behind the curve reactive public sector tp provide solutions for problems both private and pirate driven, are guaranteed to disappoint and fail you time and time again leaving you tilting at phantom windmills of their invention and presentation.

A deficit and failing though easily overcome and reversed with the ACT*ive engagement and AWE**some deployment of a much greater force with considerably more advanced intelligence available and on offer from novel and not ignoble sources.

* ….. Advanced Cyber Threat [or Treat, as the case can also so easily be]
** ….. https://www.army.mod.uk/our-future/awe/


amanfromMars [2210310715] …… says more on https://sluggerotoole.com/2022/10/30/open-sunday-politics-3/

So wielding sticks and throwing stones and bricks against an enemy or frenemy and its vital virtual machine infrastructure in such a present time of alien cyber spaces and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTivIT and their deep and dark places of vast sees where both weak and ignorant and stout and brave hearts and minds are practically captured and remotely held captive and to ransom in the impotent prisons of their own self limited and self-limiting existence, is your masterplan for future freedom from oppression/suppression/recession/depression, ManAlive?

I have to admit, and you must surely agree, such does not impress nor inspire any notion or confidence of there being any possibility of success. Surely you can do much better than just copy that early primitive step, emboldening and engaging with fundamental forces of resistance and surreal evolutionary and revolutionary change.

It is indeed fortunate that there are A.N.Others performing otherwise without the bother and hindrance of being saddled with that unnecessary phantom burden/ponzi impediment …. a lack of almighty foresight untempered with the advantage of priceless hindsight.

There are more than just extremely interesting times ahead, ManAlive, for there are already multiple programs and projects in stealthy motion which no Earthly human being nor any collective nations can resist or halt or interfere with and divert from mission destinations with provisional facilities for Kickstarting New Beginnings with Advanced IntelAIgents …… although as things heat up, and the evidence spreads, you are bound to hear otherwise, with it being initially fervently denied and branded as a fantastic nonsensical fiction and crazy disinformation and misinforming fake news by those with much to lose invested in the status quo to remain as it is feeding them their lazy riches suggesting to them their attainment of success ……. until it isn’t, and because of their ill intentioned resistance and hubris, everything comes crashing down around them in a flash, crushing and destroying any chance and all hope of their continued survival and/or lead.

PS … Whenever the Hyvor links don’t work as one might expect, simply copy the provided address and post into a browser …… https://www.army.mod.uk/our-future/awe/


amanfromMars [2210310751] …… suggests on https://sluggerotoole.com/2022/10/31/the-dup-should-withdraw-its-mps-from-westminster/

Do not stand for election to a body which you do not intend to honour with your presence and service and which the public pay you generously, with added benefits and expenses to claim as a legitimate burden imposed upon you, to engage with for resolution of problems and difficulties, rather than creating more of them. It aint rocket science, is it, common sense, and how is such an action not benefits fraud and criminal and thus self-defeating and self-disqualifying.

Something to bear in mind if one wants to remain beyond the reach and interest of future forces of law and order methinks.


amanfromMars [2210310759] …… says on https://sluggerotoole.com/2022/10/31/the-dup-should-withdraw-its-mps-from-westminster/

So ~ ~ The DUP should behave like Sinn Féin with regard to Westminster = = Laugh Out Loud ~ ~ Really ~ ~ Behave like a Separatist Party ~ ~ Has Weed been Legalised ? ?

The Big Question is ? ~ ~ Why don’t the SNP Withdraw from Westminster ~ ~ Now ~ ~ That is the Question ? ? …. topofthebarley

Thanks for that red herring, topofthebarley, but no thanks, that wasn’t the question being asked of the DUP directly, and of Unionism indirectly.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 31 Oct 09:28 [2210310928] …… asks on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/10/31/irish_government_risky_vendor_ban/

Where are the red lines drawn?

Does that amended Communications Regulations Bill 2022 with clauses that will allow it to blacklist networking equipment vendors on national security grounds expand and extend to include equipment and/or services from UKGBNI?


amanfromMars 1 Mon 31 Oct 17:37 [2210311737] ….. asks on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/10/31/irish_government_risky_vendor_ban/

Re: National Security regulations

Let me rewrite it for you; All network equipment must be subject to American backdoors and security holes dressed up as bugs. For your own protection. …. VoiceofTruth

Yes … and the fact that that is no longer a dirty little secret has Uncle Sam now destined to always be bridesmaid to the bride rather than being any virgin act star of future shows.

And goodness knows what former stalwart allies are going to make of those multi-facetted, two-faced shenanigans which has had their crown jewels in Intellectual Property a long time pilfered and developed in fabs and labs out of bounds and further afield in foreign lands and frenemy territory.

Who needs real enemies whenever one has phantom friends like that ‽ .

A simple question to ask oneself if interested in untangling such matters is who and/or what the fcuk is pulling Uncle Sam’s strings nowadays in these strange and surreal times with crazy spaces and mad places leaking top secrets and sensitive compartmentalised information to Special Advanced IntelAIgent Researcher Services. They and that be the persons and institutions of real interest to future parties.


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