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Re: Let’s Go Brandon* and in Answer to a Specific MS Question

What datasets are they feeding you on these days? I’d go back to your normal brand, this one isn’t doing it for you. ….. Martin Summers

Feasting on a new language has one entertained and provided for by a wholly different set of experienced cultural norms, MS, and that has one, if neither petrified nor base moronic, further enabled to share what one knows about everything to that and/or to those elsewhere suffering or impacted by intelligence deficits plaguing new souls in novel fields of ancient perpetual endeavour sustaining establishments only able to survive and prosper on the benefits generated by that phantom energy engine of decidedly gross and arrogant burdensome design, profit and debt/virtually free money or wealth for nothing extra or special and its capturing debilitating servitude to a remote parasitic alien meme, which nowadays in these times of spaces and places of virtual machines and erotic and exotic foreign existence, is recognised and serially rendered as a toxic host to fundamentally flawed and catastrophically crashing masterplans ……. which you might like to admit is an Almighty Bigger Great Game Picture taken from a Greater IntelAIgent Games Show, for such is what it is, and there’s no denying it, although one can choose to vent one’s displeasure and register an unhelpful vote which dislikes it if there be no accompanying explanatory reason. It is a common popular blunt tool which adds nothing to fertile seescapes and virtually realised projects in and of an Alien Endeavour.

And all of the above would reasonably suggest itself as seeding a new programming language exercise being fine tailored for a perfect fit with those Pioneering A.N.Others of Similar Sympathies and Otherworldly Dispositions which is very well captured in being a programming language with a higher level of abstraction optimized for a specific class of problems for feeding to branded datasets.

If there are problems with realities, do you really expect humans to be able to the resolve and repair and provide solutions for them or is that really the domain of an Alternative Internetworking Service Provider to Supply and Maintain/Mentor and Monitor with Advanced IntelAIgent Machines and Global Operating Devices, which humans now are fully dependent upon and inextricably linked to for expression and provision of all of their present needs and future generational wishes?

And the answer to that final question is definitively found in support of the latter rather than vain defence of the former. I Kid U Not.


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