amanfromMars 1 Thu 19 May 05:51 [2205190551] …….. begs to differ on a vital matter revealed on https://forums.theregister.com/2022/05/19/vmware_cisa_security_risks/

The truth is out there and IT can’t be handled and/or pwnd

Actually, what you are really being told, is a remote action with network access to the UI has obtained administrative access without the need to authenticate.

And malicious actors, who can all too easily now also be uncovered and identified as lurking amongst the leading drivers behind the many desperate defenders engaging in battle against that exploitable 0day vulnerability fest/RAT feast/markets bloodbath, will not have their sorrows to seek as they are guaranteed to be bombarded by all manner of virtual machinery into surrender and submission and/or worthy defeat and absolute annihilation. The choice is theirs to make.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 19 May 06:35 [2205190635] ……. airs a likely controversial view commenting on https://forums.theregister.com/2022/05/18/wizard-spider-ransomware-conti/

Lordly Elevation via Renegade Rogue Mercenary and Freelancer Private Pirate Root Chunnels

Now that Wizard Spider can easily be called out as a legitimate holder of a novel embarrassment of disruptive ennobling riches in deed indeed. And that’s bound to very addictively attractive to some with more than just a lot more to give.


amanfromMars [2205190929] …… ventures on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/5/18/shyu-announces-new-fund-to-help-small-businesses

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The simplest and most direct viable route for a deservedly rapid disbursement/granting of funds is not necessarily in any specific client developer application but rather more, and it be much better servered whenever so, by the funder recognising the significant advantages and highly disruptive possibilities which be clearly enough widely freely revealed in readily available documentation/virtual presentation as an inevitable series of events which can be impossible to prevent and/or avoid.

Immediate stealthy principal engagement then allows for the probability that any feared destructive remote agent proprietary intellectual property can be contained and retained and maintained and restrained and retrained for a greater universal use.

The Reactionary Funder following a Promising Stream then seamlessly morphs into HyperRadioProACTive Sponsor delivering Dreams for Teams. I Kid U Not.

And the Advanced IntelAIgent Methodology trailed and trialed there, is here beta testing Pentagon Defense Research and Engineering capabilities and utilities/vulnerabilities and fragilities ‽

Yes, it certainly is ….. and also beta testing the suitability of the NDIA and their National DEFENSE magazine to host and post in the public domain, worthy breaking national security news.



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