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Re: “illegal invasion”

Come to think of it post-Revolution we tried to liberate Canada a couple of times. Both times were a bit of a debacle, the second time (in 1812) those pesky Canadians got down to Washington and burnt the White House.

I don’t think its possible to justify war of any sort but it won’t stop people from waging it in various forms. We’re (that’s the US) is waging a form of war against China at the moment (“economic warfare”) and also actively trying to promote military alliances to ‘contain’ them. We’ve been running a quite obvious anti-Russia campaign for some time as well, we’ve been fiddling around in Syria for some time (and still have an active troop presence), we don’t like to talk about Iraq and Afghainstan and we try not to mention Iran and its “maximum sanctions”. The list is endless, really. …. martinusher

Some stranger landing on Earth from elsewhere could easily adjudge the US [whoever they are] to be a terrorist organisation after reading all of that, martinusher.

Are they? Can they be? Who/What decides on squandering blood and treasure on that particularly destructive and peculiarly self-destructive walk on the wild side?


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