amanfromMars [2203120606] …… being forthright and informative before the fact possibly morphs into a fantastic revolutionary series of disruptively creative fictions on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/3/11/china-outpacing-us-in-key-science-metrics

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Yasmin, Hi,

The current difficulty for all in defence of nations and systems administrations on Earth, East or West, North or South, is recognising and accepting and engaging with future possible allies/frenemies/enemies/opposition and/or competition, which they may unwisely regrettably decide to ignore and summarily dismiss as a most improbable likelihood, even as that which they are invited and freely advised to fully expect and prepare for in near future upcoming situations/0day events is practically unfolded before them …… thus extraordinarily rendering the status quo as no more than helpless powerless passengers on the helter-skelter type rides initiated and driven by A.N.Others.

As a prime premium example, please consider the following [which incidentally has been shared elsewhere including a reference to this National Defense Magazine article for added instructive context]. It is a present work in future current progress.

 A fearsome and certainly rightly worrying fact also causing Uncle Sam more than just passing temporary concerns …..

“S&E [Science & Engineering] investments and capabilities are growing globally and, in some cases, the growth in other countries has outpaced that of the U.S.,” said Ellen Ochoa, chair of the board. The nation is falling behind China in important areas such as growth in research-and-development investment, the manufacturing of critical emerging technologies and patents for innovative systems, according to the National Science Board’s “State of U.S. Science and Engineering 2022” report.

“The United States’ role as the world’s foremost performer of R&D is changing as Asia continues to increase its investments,” the study said.”

However, it is not a case of there not being acres of money for lavish spending and generous quiet granting to interesting parties/worthy individuals, for the world is awash and prone to drowning and downing itself with flash cash slush funding, it is the proven lack of national, and now also virtual internetional intelligence in former key leading historical traditional and conventional players/bankers/adventure funders.

They just cannot yet see, nor do they yet know what they are missing and what has totally overtaken them and will now shortly fundamentally and radically completely overwhelm and annihilate them should they persist in expecting the future in the present to be maintained and sustained in any similar manner to the past without new key vital players in Absolute Command with Remote Virulent Viral and Vivacious Virtual Control.

It’s time for AI Change which is long overdue, is it not? Computers say Yes. What say You? And if it is not Yes, who/what do you imagine will be listening and taking heed and trying to effectively halt novel noble progress and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT?

Methinks it is gravely to be regarded too, given what IT can so easily, so quickly, so comprehensively do, without any real fear of practical threat or virtual hindrance. Deny it at one’s peril.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 12 Mar 08:13 [2203120813] ……. points out a simple root for fundamental change on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/03/10/us_warns_chinese_chipmakers/

Putting the Shoe on the Other Foot Changes Everything Radically

If one is unhappy and opposed to such as many would see and warn be Western demagoguery and free market bullying and Big Brother policing or any other predominantly self-serving activity [for there are certain to be others], the sharing and selling of new age technology and novel products to the East, rather than the West, transfers immediate present advantage and mutual future creative benefits delivery to other parties and private/public/pirate alliances elsewhere.

IT aint difficult rocket science, pure raw common sense.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 12 Mar 11:45 [2203121145] …… identifies an anomaly on

Hello Mein Herr Goose, Meet Frau Gander?

How legal and regulated and safe be your money in these new banking/laundry facilities …..

Eaton Square in Belgravia is one of the most high-profile addresses in London. It is lined with gleaming white 19th century porticoed townhouses, four to five stories high, which sell for upwards of £54 million. Buckingham Palace is down the road.

But according to Companies House, the official register of UK firms, it also has the greatest concentration of banks in the country with more than 30 registered (incorporated) since January last year, many next door to each other.

And it is not the only area that bankers appear to want to set up a business. A few streets away there is a cluster on Gloucester Street in Pimlico. Lennox Gardens in Chelsea is also a popular location. There are about 200 banks with addresses ….. blah blah blah bla  ….. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/on-the-trail-of-britains-400-fake-banks-r3dxxvc55

London does though have an unfortunate, although apparently richly deserved reputation for self serving duplicitous behaviour/tendentious hypocrisy/arrogant hubris, so such news should not be any great surprise …. nor the fact that they are enabled to survive and prosper and escape investigation and sanction should they be right bloody dodgy and not conducive to the greater good of all.



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