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Stealthy Stay Healthy Services with Immaculate Product Placements. Something to Write Home About.

The ability to encrypt information is an essential part of military command and control

Yes it is. But I prefer to build / Integrate systems / exploit them instead of writing about it. ….. Clausewitz 4.0

Is the following a missing link next step to exploit up the stairway to heaven or giant quantum leap for mankind into the deep dark unknown of the future abyss ….. and are they essentially both one and the same, Clausewitz 4.0/El Regers?

Essential military command and control coders experiment to experience builds they have initiated, exhaustively interrogated and comprehensively extended and hardened to the nth failsafe degree in order to provide immaculate cover for secret secure and stealthy services and AWEsome 0day vulnerability type exploits never before expected or even imagined possible and therefore most likely for both themselves and their generously paying customer clients with crumbling traditional and ancient hierarchical which are increasingly prone to random flash crashing systems failures to maintain and sustain/retain and server.

And regarding the question …. Having inherited the Earth, what are you going to do with it? …. keeping it stupidly simple, so that fewer will ever be confused/befuddled and bewildered, what would you prefer? Fix it up or FCUK it up with the myriad tools now freely available to any and all with the necessary wit for the heavenly tasks or diabolical plots ahead?

Which do you imagine being the easier of the two to do quickly and quietly with no effective opposition or competition?

And do you think your views and thoughts and wishes on the matter play any instrumental part in the decisions made in such remote theatres of future virtual operation or be you is humanity mostly just as a spectator of Greater IntelAIgent Games at ITs AI Work, REST and Play? In deed, a pwnd pawn to some sort of “world ruler” which msobkow thinks unlikely? …… https://forums.theregister.com/forum/all/2021/12/27/geeks_run_world/#c_4388538


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