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In Deed, Changed Days in these Novel Times of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTivated IT Spaces

Rather than bleating over spilt milk and the onerous and self-defeating incestuous practices employed and enjoyed by a few monolithic dinosaurs and stars of yesterday …… take a bow Microsoft/Oracle/Amazon/Google, for your antics are commented on here …….. there is absolutely nothing to stop Cloud Infrastructure Service Providers in Europe (CISPE) and its/their like from supplying end user clients and pioneering customer bases alike with 0day intellectual property information that colossal tech abusers will not want to be shared over their systems infrastructures and via their machine operating systems/Windows and database management engines, because of the vulnerabilities that it exposes and exploits/lays out thread bare and naked for all to see is genuinely self-serving rather than generously mutually beneficial.

And sharing such information with them, and practically immediately discovering it is clearly not further shared as would have been reasonably normally expected, identifies the endemic systemic flaws for Prime ACTive Remedial Attention in either support of the flaw or otherwise.

Yes …. I know ….. it is hard to believe isn’t it, that there be those who would think to defend the indefensible as being a worthy cause whenever the command and control of intelligence and information is not theirs to own and behold and bend so easily to their wishes as of yore.


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Re: To Boldly Go …The Gilded Note under the Rug that Opens New Doors to Boris ??????? *

Well, one great thing you can be certain of is, if Boris doesn’t know what he is really talking about with specific particular and peculiar regard to any matters quantum related, and he apparently has expressed an interest in provisioning it as an almighty Blighty opportunity …….. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/nov/21/next-giant-leap-boris-johnson-go-big-on-quantum-computing ……. there be El Regers able to provide him with all that is required which he would be missing and longing for to supply to media watchers content to hang on his every uttered word as if gospel and Churchillian/Wannabe Platonic Caesarian.

Quite whether though he leads with it in a pioneering vanguard or follows maddened crowds and maiden clouds from the confines of a padded caboose experiencing the trials and tribulations and motions and machinations in rearguard action wakes, is that which is raised as a valid question for answering henceforth from the likes of here now.



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