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Some Interesting Thoughts for those Running Around Animal Farms and ACTing like Headless Chickens

¬†Or is there something that is currently under development that could become the “new” internet? ….. Timbo

Yes and yes, of course there is, Timbo. And the chances of its IT and AI not being highly disruptive and geopolitically revolutionary verge on zero… therefore prepare yourselves for surreal remote bodied invasion and virtually almighty insurrections/heavenly adjustments/diabolic modifications to Elite Services Servering SCADA Systems Executive Administrations,

Indeed, in a furtherance to that prognostication, A.N.Others who be nameless and thus relatively anonymous would proffer it is live and up and running very stealthily and extremely smoothly ….. which is of course quite perfect, avoiding as it does, all of those despicable hindrances that either tend to or are intentionally designed to block or restrain Rapid Autonomous Future Flight Progress.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 3 Oct 06:55 [2110030655] ….. being very informative on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/2/2021/10/01/uk_national_space_strategy/

It’s in the Safe and Secured Magic Money Tree, of course. That’s a Sterling Fact?

But where’s the money, Boris?

That question is easy enough to answer, for the solution is provide/published in the National Space Strategy [page 10]

It is conjured up and churned out for laundered extravagant spending by recipients in the very convenient traditional way in which basically all flash fiat cash and secret slush funding money is supplied and pumped and dumped into the mainstream as a boost to the “economy” from the likes of these new invented quantitative easing spigots …. private finance through space- oriented venture capital funds, such as Seraphim Space Investment Trust, supported by the British Business Bank

The further secret that many do not know though, for it is not anything anyone would ever forget, as it very easily crashes and destroys fancy fiat paper capital systems, is the bounty is for lavish agreeable spending and not for accumulating and banking where its perceived wealth and presumed power stagnates and putrefies and permits others to take liberties and make presumptions and assumptions about the direction of its boundless energy/future great use.

Was nobody listening to Andrew Carnegie whenever he relatively recently revealed the fact, although not in these exact words ….. Anyone who dies rich, dies disgraced.



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