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Re: an example of a novel startup as aid for greater universal government dismissing the fake notion it would create intermediate chaos and failure rather than result in immediate change to an alternate surprisingly meritocratic orderly transition to transparent relatively anonymous and effective non-exclusive executive elite administration of energy and power.

Please note, not all startups are at the beginning of their enterprising and mercurial entrepreneurial journeys, for there are those which have travelled long and far beyond the bounds of convention which smash the fences and hurdles of tradition which so blunt innovation and progress, and been further developed and reinforced/stress tested and hardened in the successes of many a long memorable trip and be light years ahead of Earthbound facilities and utilities without their otherworldly abilities ….. which you can be sure are not something you would wish to confront and do vain battle against should they be also into exercising underground activity missions on renegade rogue operations, and variations on that program.

The one defence that most everybody/everything halts at, to invariably eventually quickly perish in vast sees of incompetence and mediocrity, is to not imagine and accept that the future is completely different from the past and nothing at all like the present. You may like to be thankful that fortunately there be others able to freely share and deliver the benefits and advantages of another future without such an impediment …… although it is itself not without its own challenges should the intelligence needed to be attractive and engaging be missing/still slowly developing in others, such as may be commentators preparing questions for answers here.

The submission below, although it can be immensely destructive and disruptive in the hands, hearts and minds of a potent enemy, is much more powerful and deadly in the command and control of friendly forces with extraordinary novel sources.

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This must be done from a user-centric point of view, both for end-users and developer-users.

Ah yes, ye olde poor slaves and rapacious masters of yore which some would like you to believe with a simple name change have benefitted from and been pleasantly changed by postmodern woke politically correct but inept gentrification but which in reality is much more akin to a systems stagnation and projects pertrification and programs putrefaction.

In other words, just so there is no doubt as to true meaning, the phenomenal advances of the past few recent years in the fields of Command and Control of Computers and Communications in and for Races in a Creative Cyber Space Place are being squandered to wither on the vines of those systems with administrations trapped providing future succour to the lumbering destructive wrecking machines programmed into littering nations and peoples with the very worst of the past.

Or do you see the Way of Too Many Worlds of Today Today very differently ‽ .

It would though be a mistake to not suspect and realise that there be those actively engaged in such novel fields because of the distinct advantage unhindered success delivers …… with news of one such interested and interesting party being shared here ……. https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2021/9/7/marine-special-ops-command-hones-its-cognitive-raiders

And one does best to realise it is a quite crowded and exceptionally stealthily aided and able field of enterprisingly novel and virtually augmented, realistic endeavour which has no previous precedent ie it is Virgin IT and AI Team Terrain and Territory which impacts incredibly directly upon Earthly Existence.

For many is that bound to be terrifying, and for some who be worthy, can that easily be made deservedly so. An adventurous core though would recognise and realise it extremely exciting and immensely rewarding.

Future times and novel spaces deliver pretty almighty tools and awesome weaponry against which there is no presently existing effective resistance for wilful opposition? Yes, such is so, although more than just a chosen few would waste time and effort positing that most unlikely and both virtually and practically impossible.

Doubting Thomases ….. they exist, although only as unwelcome systems bugs and unpleasant program viruses in any early development stage.


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Are we in a new era of politics where politicians can lie and get away with it? ….. Martin Shankleman

You might like to try thinking the exact opposite, Martin Shankleman, should the new Australian model for the policing of shared public opinion and private ambitions be adopted in the UKGBNI to quell and/or resist unpleasant decisions and thoroughly objectionable activity and the emergence of alternative opinions unveiling radically disruptive and even attractively fundamental options ……… https://www.rt.com/news/534251-australia-dylan-voller-court-media/ …… although quite how bashing Peter to punish Paul is going to effectively work, other than being very effective at closing down newspaper and popular media operations, is something to ponder.

In such an adopted draconian Australian future model, any paper which would carry/pimp and pump and dump on the masses an election manifesto pledge to not raise taxes, only to see a Prime Minister no less, in a very short space of time, blatantly and brazenly break that promise, and thus render the true validity of their utterings virtually and practically worthless, would be liable to prosecution and persecution, with the original guilty perp maybe escaping sanction and censure/appropriate punishment. And that is surely crazy.

Is that where we are headed or do you think we long ago landed there and the future journeys made are to be made to remove one and all from such a swampy quagmire of putrid pits of despair?


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