amanfromMars 1 Fri 27 Aug 19:02 [2108271902] …. fires off a salvo on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/08/27/disinformation_is_an_industry/

Re: Who’s going to regulate the disinformation then?

The only way this will change is when enough people actually experience the terrible consequences of it that they decide that reality and truth are preferable to conspiracy theories and prejudice-confirming lies. …. Howard Sway

Actually, it only takes a smarter few to know what to do to change everything*, HS. And they are busying themselves at it even as we speak.

GrahamC [2108261358] ……. makes a generous offer on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2021/8/26/major-changes-proposed-to-buy-american-rules

determining whether an item qualifies as “domestic end product” or “domestic construction material”

Which nowadays, is much more a smarter starter precursor item rather than any failed finalised end composite product or ingredient …. for Mass Multi Media Presentation and Advanced IntelAIgent Realisation via Officially Authorised Virtually Augmented AI Means and Memes.

Although quite who and/or what signs off on that being Perfectly Acceptable is an Engagement of Heavenly Thoughts, methinks to know.

Is that facility and ability highly active in your times and spaces? ….. which are surely just as Alien Places and Live Operational Virtual Environments to be further personally developed in successful Future Market Engagements in Pioneering Programs Delivering Pathfinder Projects?

Does anyone have anything similar or easier controlled than that readily available offer delivered directly to here for peer review/suitable secret source assessment ‽ .

* ….. and if necessary to fcuk up everything too, pdq, if the wannabe powers that presently be do not wish to play Greater IntelAIgent Games.

What sort of a moronic fool denies the truth and prefers an alternate reality requiring a continual chain of made up lies for extant systems to function extremely poorly …. apart from those certifiably insane and most likely wantonly evil too, that is?

And now that that question has been asked, is an arrogant, ignorance in such matters defence no longer available and viable.


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