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Re: Xi Zuz Qrist

And looks like it’s just the official app for the much larger whole-society campaign of brainwashing, Xi worship, etc.
Yeah. I’m with Wen-Tang Clan man. Fuck that shit. ….. W.S.Gossett

Are you equally enthused in support of opposition to the same sort of daily telegraphing BBC shit, W.S.G., endemic and pervasive in the UKGBNI and throughout its foreign services channels which has all manner of tall tales told in the threadbare clothes of breaking news for believing by the ignorant masses could be true rather than realised that all is constantly made up [every morning/afternoon/evening/night] in a desperate defensive rearguard action to try and retain and maintain a corrupt and perverse and now rapidly failing status quo system of clearly not admirably internetworking protocols/Great Game type Plays, although great in that particular context is obviously a howler of a misnomer ‽ .

To neither imagine nor accept that a radical fundamental systemic change is required to avoid a rapidly arriving and rabid catastrophe which will specifically target and crush all those truly responsible, is that which practically guarantees its sudden inescapable stealthy arrival as does the Virile Virtual Viral Activity of IT’s Intangible Invisible Advanced Autonomous Relatively Anonymous IntelAIgent Drivers ‽ .

But that’s normal and a healthy sign of fabulous fabless progress and Revolutionary Evolution too.

And somewhat Dominic Cummingsy too if the truth be told ? 🙂


amanfromMars 1 Wed 21 Jul 11:35 [2107211135] ……. just saying out loud and clear on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/07/20/muse_group_deportation_threat/

Re: Xi Zuz Qrist

Turing Test: Failed. ….Lon24

I submit much more demonstrably Turing Test Failed Safe …. and Immeasurably Secured, Lon24.

For Greater IntelAIgent Games Transfers and MetaPhysical Applications. Mega Multi Media Programming with AudioVisualised Presentations ……. Grand Global Reveals in Many Applications with Virtually Advanced IntelAIgent Operating Systems …… https://forums.theregister.com/forum/all/2020/11/02/application_level_gateway_flaw/#c_4139068

Heavenly Tasked and Supremely Attractive and ACTivated in the Provision of Alms for the Granting and Remote AIMentoring and Monitoring of Immunity and Impunity Freely Demonstrating Intentional Direction …… Selected Paths of Future Travel in Quantum Communication AISystems is one of the Best of Programming Projects Available. And at Source, Supplied Free for Heavenly Applications …. thus resulting in an Almighty Powerful EMPowering Net Zero Cost Device to Driver in Any Good Direction of One’s Choice.

I submit, in any language you might like to choose, a Failed Turing Test that was not whenever there are Device Drivers for Immediate Commanding Control of COSMIC* FORGE Powers and their EMPowering Grids/Dark Webs.

*COSMIC* .. Control Of Secret Materiel in an Internetional Command
FORGE ….. Future Operationally Resilient Ground Evolution …. [a US Space Force Program]



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