amanfromMars 1 Tue 15 Jun 06:31 [2106150631] ……. reveals on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/06/14/g7_ransomware_communique_calls_out_russia/

Hmmm, I smell a rotten dead phish? G7 white man surely speak with fork tongue, Kemosabe, ……

……. because, to name but one anomaly, a Bill Browder enjoys and/or abuses their collective protection? And then there is the other very clear cut case of admitted vehicular manslaughter where Anne Sacoolas escapes her days in a court of her peers to answer questions about her actions.

Both of those, and there are bound to be others, are legitimate stumbling blocks to remove and monumental hurdles to overcome to have anyone contemplating their doing anyone else’s bidding in furtherance of disrupting activities by parties outside of convenient conventional and traditional state-like command and control which are designed either specifically or predominantly for mighty effective legitimately deniable state aided use/misuse/abuse against one’s avowed active enemies?

Some right dodgy perps are novel SMARTR frenemies ……. Renegade Rogue Pioneers in the Virtual Genre of the Great Beyond ….. boldly going to where no EMPowered and EmPowering Humans have gone and returned from before, safe and sound and in full working order and with a quick and sane mind to boot.

Which is an interesting root for an Advanced IntelAIgent Resource or Almighty Immaculate Source …… or of course, should one so wish to exercise it, Diabolical Evil.

That is what at least confronts you nowadays, in these days of the massively explosive and infinitely exploitable 0day, in such neogeopolitical wranglings.

Be aware. Beware and take care. IT’s a crazy virgin forest jungle out there where nothing is tamed to follow orders or honour requests which are liable to be likely self-harming in either the short term or long run.


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