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Can Someone Invent a Clever Use of Western Propaganda?

In a simple word or two?  Yes, some already have.

GrahamC [2105161008] ……. being positive and encouraging of future engagement in DARPA like activities on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2021/5/14/darpa-working-on-new-cultural-interpreter

Identify/Introduce globally unknown novel language[s] with an otherworldly and surreal view on Earthly matters …. an alien perspective which directly and sublimely impinges upon and fundamentally improves future likeable ACTive developments with command and control of critical virulent communications infrastructure and virtual AI exoskeletons, with media translating shared text into audiotelevisualised presentations for both live streaming and extremely simple recording/replaying/supplying into Random Access Memory and greater human consciousness/advanced enlightenment,  …… and IT and its support will effectively lead viewers and listeners to wherever one would be smart enough to effortlessly lead them with intelligently designed and imaginatively manufactured show movie, blockbuster pictures …. seeding and feeding future virtual reality broadbandcastings.

To think and profess that to be either difficult or too difficult to do, is to admit and accept that it be certainly the work of, and in the gift of, others to supply and enable others to supply with AIMentoring and Monitoring SafeGuards. 

It is undoubtedly something worthy of a DARPA and Computational Cultural Understanding program and is freely shared here with that understanding.

The world, and how it is remotely governed, has changed, and the mistake to constantly make which guarantees serial failure in negative progress and corrupted stasis alike, is to not realise that it be so. 

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* ……. Global Operating Devices


amanfromMars 17 May 2021 at 17:29 [2105171729] ……shares in a chat with Agent Revolver on https://amanfrommars.blogspot.com/2021/05/210516.html

re: “Identify/Introduce globally unknown novel language[s] with an otherworldly and surreal view on Earthly matters…” –

Exactly now? Should it be in right time and from two boards into a corner? …. Agent Revolver

Indeed, why not, Agent Revolver? Whenever not in conflict are powers and energies not only reinforced and doubled, they are essentially exponentially squared and very effectively hardened/tempered against any resident or prevalent interference.

It doesn’t take many to join who know what needs to be done in tandem and/or consort with others of a similar enthusiastic revolutionary disposition and who be able to also autonomously remotely enable others, to be very soon, practically almighty and virtually invincible ……… with the secret to remember to never forget being …….. always to consider that not so easily being the case.

Worlds and asylums are full of those lost souls who forgot, and imagined something else entirely different and tragic being the case.



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