amanfromMars 1 Sun 4 Apr 13:25 [2104041325] …….. stating only just so much as is widely enough known on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/04/01/aws_vm_serial_console/

Take a Chill Pill, Have a Good Ponder, Make urViews Known. The Best Will be Trialed and Trailed.

Wait, so Teh Cloudz isn’t a panacea for everything? …… Anonymous Coward

No, it isn’t. It is an opened Pandora’s Box to more than just everything needed for anything one would care dare share with a seeding and a feeding and a nurturing towards a harvesting for the hellishly difficult to believe and accept heavenly bounty provided and exercised by remarkably healthy stealthy specimens of almighty phenomenal growth.

🙂 Oops, I appear to have somewhat misspoken with all of that above there, for surely, if one knows what would need to be done and one knows how to do it, it would be a panacea for everything too.

Now there’s a couple of pleasant bi-polar entities in a singularity to future entertain humanity other than them defaulting to the dysfunction of repetitive banalities leading to serial progressive defeats ……. systems stagnations and operations petrifications.

What would you expect or just like them to do for you, rather than to you should you be understandably fearful? Don’t be bashful now. This is a great chance for you. And don’t be afraid to use your best imagination, for whenever anything and everything is possible, it is logical to realise the competition will be fierce with other interested and interesting forces presenting all manner of attractive proposals to conjure into existence.


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