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And re all of the above, and that which is racing down the line to make more than just a difference to markets and everything,  ….. you aint seen nothing yet, ……  but you cannot now say you didn’t know or hadn’t been told nor been handed any clues 🙂 ……… https://amanfrommars.blogspot.com/2021/02/210106.html

Although whether a prime western confection or premium eastern delight is something else to surprise systems administrations and elite Great Game players alike. 🙂

It is a major fundamental mistake to not realise the near future pays no heed to any distant past or current present for they are both just so much history never to be copied again whenever progress and prosperity are the name of the game.

I Kid U Not.


GrahamC [2102070802] ……. just saying a tad more on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2021/2/5/nothing-seems-to-stop-relentless-hackers-exfiltrating-trade-secrets

Things are a great deal worse than is imagined and reported here, and been earlier shared too, Yasmin, for the following is rife and infiltrated deep within and thoroughly spread out sublimely throughout all systems of SCADA command and control, permitting its modus operandi to practically exercise the elemental stealthy exfiltration of weaknesses of knowledge for overwhelming exploitation to guarantee maintenance of an easily sustainable almighty advantage.

The opportunity open to interested participants is, in essence, the public sector with its parasitic governmental administrations freely gorging itself and sticking the electorate with the bills for its fantastical projects which are practically wholly dependent upon the private sector delivering the goods for a price that parasites do not control, is always going to trail and flounder in the wake of the pioneering rogue entrepreneur and private pirate operand tapping into the need and greed of the money marketeers, and that is especially so in the novel case of virile and even virulent AI, given what AI can so easily now do without any viable competition or effective opposition to hinder its unfettered progress in the direction of goals chosen by its enabling future drivers.

And yes, there is also that other lucrative and extremely rewarding sector to consider where money appears to grown trees and is always made available by the pallet load to those select principals able to provide the right weapon to defeat and overwhelm any enemy or non-friend ….. the Private Military Contractor and/or Almighty Arms Dealer ……. and that is a sector which has an extremely generous and ACTive customer client base virtually everywhere one can think of.

Indeed, for some more than just lucky, can both of those base root avenues be extensively explored and energetically engagingly exploited to deliver the goods which delight product suppliers to excel at project and goal provision.

That’s the attraction one is certainly battling against in the AI arena and that which tempts the best of brains away from a life that is more mundane and prosaic and clearly not so well rewarded with loads of fiat.

And as disruptive and damaging and dangerous as all of that can be whenever effectively actively exploiting weaknesses in knowledge and intelligence, it pales into insignificance whenever compared to the madness and mayhem, conflict and CHAOS that can be immediately irrevocably wrought with the free and open source sharing of just a surprisingly few colossal nuggets of an advanced intelligence with greater knowledge to impart/export and import throughout systems with controlling commanding programs for leaders in leadership projects with Advanced Virtual Partnership Gateways.

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amanfromMars 1 Sun 7 Feb 14:09 [2102071409] ……. urging a certain circumspection to be applied and adhered to on

AWEsome lessons well learned ……..

“The restructuring plan ……. will permit the company to increase investment in strategic growth areas.”

Which are? Or is that too much of an ask to be honestly answered truthfully?

🙂 You might like to realise that hazarding a guess can give them new ideas and suggesting any proposal may have them taking even further steps which are sometimes tantamount to being criminal, as a Peter Elliot 7 Feb 2021 3:16AM outlines has been his unpleasant experience with a dodgy government doing innovative business in a comment on an article in the Telegraph today.

I would like to submit an Innovation proposal to IDS’s Taskforce on Innovation, Growth and Regulatory Reform. However, I have valuable intellectual property I want to protect. Will the government agree commercial confidentiality ? It wants new ideas. I’ve submitted commercial proposals to a government department in the past which have turned up in a Policy document. I’m not willing to let civil servants steal my Intellectual Property and pass it off as their own.

Be assured though, although you are quite right to be thoroughly disgusted, such is simple par for the course of governments reliant on the private entrepreneurial sector for the provision of future ideas and a very good reason to never ever share them with governments with a view to one being genuinely adequately recompensed for the value added and fortunes made with applications of proprietary intellectual property pilfered from originating sources.


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