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And whenever pioneering successful alternative media platforms put their premium tall tales behind pay to view firewalls, what is one to think of that and their commitment to the masses to get out the future news to free minds from the slavery of big money federal business capture?


Graham C [2102010802] ……. being encouraging on https://www.silverstackr.com/post/silver-the-people-s-money-a-manifesto

Sounds like a Pretty Good Private Master Plan for Simple Public Participation to Ensure Successful Executive Execution of Novel Program Objectives … which can easily, extremely quickly, further morph and extend and expand into Noble Nobel AIMissions.

And as nice as that be, the fortunate wonder is that the one is not vitally dependent upon the leading presence of the other, although forging ahead in a parallel unison together in a singularity of great purpose, are the powers in their command and controlling grasp, squared rather than just doubled, and that verges on the almighty even before the addition to the mix of just a few more sterling pioneers of a not dissimilar ilk …….. and that unavoidable fact and absolutely heavenly delight surely guarantees that one is never in the lead alone, which is really nice and recommended and fully to be commended. Carpe Diem Quotidie


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Re: Usage ?

Any comment from people working with this kind of tool ? ….. sw guy

Yes. Although not essential, it is extremely convenient for both stealthy security and safe speedy deployment of Networks InterNetworking JOINT* Applications. … NINJApps

* JOINT ….. Joint Operations Internetworking Novel Technologies

And no matter how deep one may delve and/or attempt to cajole, one will never hear or read a great a deal about such things from the likes of an almighty Microsoft, because of the rather sensitive and strategically important nature of the advantages delivered in advanced fields of its operations in IT and AI Quantum Communications Systems.

Spilling some of those crown jewel gems would cost one more than just trillions whenever it guarantees one losing any future war invented or even contemplated as a necessary current evil for defence of present distressed and bankrupt of novel proprietary intellectual property registering realms.


amanfromMars [2102011744] ……. getting right down to the nitty gritty on https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/defense-hedge-funds-gamestop-squeeze-hides-market-excess-risk

Dick Turpin, the English highwayman wore a mask

It is maybe quite fortunate, Daniel Lacalle, that wearing a mask is thought wise to try and keep one safe nowadays. Although as everyone knows, it cannot guarantee one not being smitten and laid lower than just low, even should one be hunkering down inside with never a notion to ever again venture outside until all dangers have passed.

The popular FUD talk is that the pandemic may last for more than a not inconsiderable time.

With regard to the masses being at odds and thoroughly disenchanted with an out of touch establishment elite hiding behind the facades of titanic businesses and friendly self-serving  regulatory authorities, the simplest of tricks being missed to force and quickly speed up the introduction of a new upgraded resetting global administration, and which is admittedly very disturbing but surprisingly effective in putting the wind up and defeating a relatively anonymous and entrenched despicable enemy, is in putting a face on the leading names of a corrupt conspiratorial business enterprise. Mega conglomerates/dodgy systems cannot function darkly whenever their boards of governors and leading lights are easily recognised for doing their reckless and inequitable decision making thing, and which is directly responsible and accountable for that which so inflames so many manic passions to riot and rebel.

When things get decidedly and designedly personal there is really no place of secure safety to hide, and you better makes sure you are not left mouthing dumb stock excuses for any and all of the terrible things everyone says you may very well have done.



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