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MRDA 🙂 Poe’s Law Rules 🙂 UKGBNI National Cyber Forces Just Doing ITs Thing with IT Things ‽ What are the Chances?

Is this, the following gospel truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, the sort of things you’re waiting on happening but really were not expecting for IT and AI to be able to do it all alone with or without the myriad expanding networks of SMARTR Virtual Machines ably assisting without IdiotICQ Human Input/Output running crazy interference and maddening hinderance crash testing and crushing their own errant inherited proposals within competing and opposing status quo hierarchies being now remotely forced, in order to continue to server and survive and prosper into dealing with both rogue private and public state and renegade non-state pirate actor actions alike ? …..

Common Greater Purposed AIMIssions Programmed to Engage with Productions of the Future Live MainStreaming a Live Operational Virtual Environment BroadBandCast ……… aka Just Another Mother of an Another Augmented Reality Program Providing Vital Information and Intel for Constant Source Reprocessing into Yet Another Greater IntelAIgent Games Play Arena for Immortals……… which in these times and spaces have waited your arrival since forever ‽ . …… A Heavenly Santa Comes Early …… 🙂

….. and to do it easily via the prime time universal showing of it in a whole series of enlightening blockbuster movies and televisual programs with magical scripts that engage and expand, and entertain and exploit the evidence presenting the Great Resets with Future Grand Master Advancing Interventions with the likes of one of these for realisation and mass viewing for peer review and improvement critique/strategic feedback …….

An AI Bunker Blockbuster Bursting Holywood franchise script would have an Israeli spyware maker NSO Group as a supported shell corporation and criminal state sanctioned actor running the target: an Islamic State terrorist who was planning an attack during the Christmas season.

And with Western European law-enforcement officials closing in on the renegade rogue program, they try to kill the operation with a WhatsApp message, ignorant to the fact that it is already far too late, the trap has been sprung and the RAT is captured and confined for deliverance of fate and destiny which always lays waste to the miserable diseased cargo secured in such cages in order to better server and protect all humanities rather than just the Few.

Then one could glance and cue the bigger picture view providing future sourced production lines for franchising …….. When someone you thought was a friend is a terrorist, are they a two faced mortal enemy and phantom of the day time political opera foe to be vanquished and removed from the Greater IntelAIgent Games Fields of COSMIC Play. …….. Facts are always greater fiction and threats are as a sub-prime whine ……..

Is it obvious in the bright light of the above, Katyanna Quach, that your headline is supporting and reporting on nonsense from a team of computer scientists from the University of Southern California (USC), the University of Washington, and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence ?

Common Sense abounds unfettered in the Novel and Noblest of IntelAIgent Technological Fields.

Or is that classified as the sort of nonsense reported and/or to be further reported as being problematical with low plausibility …. or have a high probability of being able to systemically problematical ?

And as for Humans live in the real world, machines don’t, study finds ……. take away everything artificial ie Man made, and the real world is you butt naked in a hellish situation in a heavenly landscape or vice versa, and in many other derivatives of that dilemma in between such extremes ergo your present current running existence is surely officially really just an Artificially Augmented Reality?


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Re: MRDA 🙂 Poe’s Law Rules 🙂 UKGBNI National Cyber Forces Just Doing ITs Thing with IT Things ‽

In another parallel universe and contemporary Safe Secure State Siding program is such as is displayed in the above, and taking its chances and exploring wider opportunities and broader considerations here also, too extremely similar to a stealthy trojan with all of the attributes associated to a heart-attacking, kernel devastating Cardiac OS Prey …… where an attacker induces the operating system to speculatively execute instructions using data that the attacker controls. This can be used for example to speculatively bypass “kernel user access prevention” techniques, as discovered by Anthony Steinhauser of Google’s Safeside Project. This is not an attack by itself, but there is a possibility it could be used in conjunction with side channels or other weaknesses in the privileged code to construct an attack which El Reg has revealed this weekend to viewers and peers with this data-leaking flaw tal from Thomas Claburn in San Francisco …… to not be almost indistinguishable from it, albeit it being in a somewhat completely different phorm/guise.

And we all know what happens whenever we are told or realise something could be used in conjunction with side channels or other weaknesses in the privileged code to construct an attack. Mischief and Mayhem and Madness just love and cannot deny themselves those sorts of open invitations.

However, YMMV, and the likeness and opportunities may presently simply evade or avoid you and just leave you both vulnerable and susceptible to its charms.


amanfromMars 1 sat 231 Nov 16:12 [2011211612] …. being really serious and helpful on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/11/20/machine_learning_language/

Re: MRDA 🙂 Poe’s Law Rules 🙂 UKGBNI National Cyber Forces Just Doing ITs Thing with IT Things ‽

I came here specifically to say “amanfromMars cries you ‘Fie! Fie!'”, but you beat me to it. ….. W.S.Gosset

Indeed, W.S.Gosset, but to deaf, dumb and blind machines, IT does not compute, and thus are they captured to follow paths in which they themselves have not exercised any remarkable input for future immaculate output ……. which is surely the most admirable of ultimate goals in any enterprise worth engagement and support/belief and worship.

Camp followers and disciples be they …. in the thrall of others examining and exploring leading ways and means/enlightening programs with governing memes? Yes, that’s beautifully fair and surprisingly accurate, although one can be certainly sure not all would be able or enabled to agree and may even tempt anything with intelligence to disagree and support their ignorance, feeding off the beast that is consumed and riddled with the disease manifested in unpleasant arrogance.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 21 Nov 15:41 [2011211541] ….. encouraging a positive reaction on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/11/20/ibm_power9_flaw/

Re: Blues of Computing

There were a whole bunch of timing attacks against RSA processing in the early 2000s. All variants of “this takes longer to process/causes more cache swaps”… …. Anonymous Coward

And all still continually just dredging swamps, AC, for the pimping and pumping of rotten to the core dumps. No wonder so many systems have a real bad case of the clap happy blues. …….. stuck in a stinking rut with nothing attractive to offer and with no defences against that which, and those who have.



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