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Re: Hardly surprising whenever definitely not stupid

The foreigners (i.e. non-Chinese) probably won’t be allowed to take part in any programmes aimed at putting Chinese technology ahead of foreign technology. They’re just there to improve Chinese technology so it equals foreign technology, and to teach the Chinese people so the Chinese can make their own advancements later. ….. Jon 37

Foreign programs, and their prime driver programmers aka systems leading masterminds, will surely be not only allowed, but also enthusiastically encouraged and gratefully extremely well rewarded, whenever specifically designed and continually designing to both put and keep China ahead in advancing technology realms.

Anything lesser would one have not unreasonably concluding a certain self-destructive madness at play in vital leading components/entities representative of Chinese entrepreneurship and industry, and the chances and likelihood of that being a reality to be exploited and expanded upon are considerably more than just bleak and non-existent, methinks.


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Malign Invested Third Party Interests …. Dirty RATs

Seriously, I’ve never seen a US President “hell bent” in trying to get himself re-elected by playing “dirty”. ….. sanmigueelbeer


If you want to know why and how everyone plays dirty nowadays, try to find Shadowgate…Millie Weaver’s Documentary, which in some places on trying to display contents returns …… This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on hate speech/Terms of Service

Others though have it presently available for viewing on https://www.bitchute.com/video/DS7CN67XL1lb/ and also on https://youtu.be/IpmVNQ2DVY4

And it is quite a remarkably difficult stretch to justify its removal because of hate speech rather than just admitting it is highly embarrassing and potentially freedom threatening to more than just a select chosen few.

Its first few minutes outline what President Trump has been fighting against and since probably before he was even a kid too.

And it doesn’t take too much imagine to conjure up a picture of what is arraigned against and being opposed by the likes of a China/Russia/Syria/North Korea/UKGBNI etc etc etc. ….. which be any number of Dirty Remote ACTive Trojans struggling for credibility whilst forced to rely on deceit and stolen information for news of the future. And that’s about as far from ideal as one gets before one spills over into the embrace of criminality and sedition.


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What’s next ? An Internal NEUKlearer Explosion?

Seems like Uncle Sam and the boys have gone Full Retard. Not really the smartest of moves in a world with worlds full of SMARTR Movers and Shakers.

And whatever is Mike Pompeo smoking/dropping? It certainly fcuks up his 0days and puts a bullseye target on his chest for all those he just loves to berate and belittle. What a sub-prime loser ……. although it is sad to maybe have to admit, he might have some suitably mad and/or necessarily conveniently stupid supporters.

Thus proving that old adage, ….. There’s nowt as queer as folk.


amanfromMars [2008171728] …… having a short say on https://www.thedailybell.com/all-articles/news-analysis/this-is-one-of-the-single-biggest-threats-to-the-dollar-today/

More importantly, as we discussed several times over the past few weeks, economic sustainability and prosperity are no longer priorities in the United States.

Governments at the local, state, and federal levels are full of Bolshevik politicians who despise successful individuals and businesses.

They are far more concerned with chasing jobs and investment out of their districts, passing retroactive tax increases, and locking down businesses from opening up (while allowing riots, rampages, and the destruction of property).

Crikey, I find any of that practically impossible to believe, although cannot argue or disagree with the following sentence …… Socially, the country has completely lost its mind and is eating itself from within.



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