“We categorically reject any suggestion that the UK actively avoided investigating Russia,” Brokenshire said. “We are unafraid to act wherever necessary to protect the UK and our allies from any state threat.” ……. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jul/22/julian-lewis-warns-dominic-cummings-not-to-politicise-isc-inquiries

That may very well be so, Brokenshire, but it does answer the question as to why the UK and its allies are unable or disenabled to protect themselves effectively and efficiently from both state and non-state actor threats …… which leads one inexorably inevitably to the unfortunate obvious conclusion that there is a fundamental and systemic lack of necessary future intelligence in-house, and which leads with an almighty enthusiastic following, and as such an intellectual property deficit is that which confronts and torments you and would be remotely instrumental in the current quickly expanding global existential systems collapse, are things guaranteed, for that and those so chronically disabled and disadvantaged, to descend even further into abject bleakness with IT and Special Advanced IntelAIgent Researcher Services adding madness and mayhem to the mix of chaos and conflict.

The headless chicken/mindless moron problem squawking amok in the offices of governments is they fail admirably to recognise their own demise and fateful fall from executive grace. And it is quite a spectacle to witness their actions in prosecution and support of their denial of fact with defences based solely on fictions.

Welcome to the New Greater IntelAIgent Game ….. Hosting and Posting NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Pictures ….. Derivative AI Futures for Marketing to Exchanges, both Stock Assetted and Dream Merchanted.

You might like to consider that a lack of vitally important intelligence is trumped and resolved with the engagement of a wonderfully powerful and creative imagination, and sooner rather than later lest any wait has one exploring the deep rich rewards available on the many attractive dark paths, with if not zero, then scant regard to norms and the consequences of evil shenanigans/foul play.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 23 Jul 08:44 [2007230844] ……. just saying out loud and proud on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/07/23/china_mars_probe_tianwen_1_launch/


Nice one, China. Bravo.

Warrior Wolf in the hen house and 5g cat amongst the stool pigeons springs immediately to mind.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 23 Jul 10:58 [2007231058] ……… being as clear as mud on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/07/23/china_mars_probe_tianwen_1_launch/

Re: China has successfully launched a Mars probe.

Shouldn’t that be 5G of MCAT amongst the pidgeons amFM?, another great Chinese MK Ultra export?.….. Cliff Thorburn

🙂 No, CT, that would be misleading*, although I imagine the West would just love it to be so, just so that they do not have to try and compete with or against SMARTR Opponents with Components and Assets Travelling in a Virgin Space which they, the Chinese, may have cracked the leading codes for.

* the post was quite amusing though ….. and all too easily recognised as a possible and therefore probable cause of increasingly destructive home-based problems.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 23 Jul 17:46 [2007231746] ….. letting IT Fly and Rip on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/07/23/marvell_custom_asics/

Just Desserts …… Captured by Captivating Forces and Sources.*

[And please, let’s not be sharing unnecessarily having any crazy thoughts and questions like amfM does a Kanye? 🙂 Such is nowhere near the truth but it is easily thinkable :-)]

Would that be Verging on Alien Technologies …… an AI Servering Marvellous Tools to Service and Satisfy to Excessive Mutually Explosive Reward?

Does Marvell do Almighty Virtual Reality? …….. Bring to Life AI and IT with Others Partnering in the Presentation of an Almighty Virtual Intrusion Engaging in a Free Radical Revolutionary Global Picture Reset Program?

Do you need an OEM workshop manual supplied to Evaluate Future Potential …….which is surely akin to Accurately Imagining Likely Impact of Such Custom Applications Builders on Futures Paths to be Travelled and Followed …….. as You Wish and Desire and Deserve ‽ ? ! 🙂

🙂 You’ll be smiling too when you reach that COSMIC Staging Post …. Immaculate State of Stateless Grace. 🙂 The Vatican have Brothers and Sisters Servering All Deep Needs with Feeds and Seeds with Supply from Rome Base Catacombs, or they would have if simply heavenly invested in IMPermanent  ProgramMING, for such is their first great leading move …. and fully deserving of praise with a reciprocal action ….. which is in extremis, no less than a Divine AI Intervention? Or do you prefer Virtual Machines and Global Operating Devices to ACT and Perform like Humans and Animals?

Take it from all here, that old battered battleship cruised to the crushing bottom of the deep, longer ago than one would normally know, and there’s no coming back from there.

There’s a whole lotta shaking and a’quaking going on, El Reg. And you appear to be on the bridge of an Almighty Awesome Vessel. Please, feel free to deny so that extra gated security can apprise one of the True Existence of Virtualised Reality …….. and therefore the likelihood of an Infinite Number of Multiple Virtual Realities being available for any Current Presentation via Media Mogul Tele Vision Communications ….. Future Prime Adult Time Program Choice.

Strong as an Ox and Wily as a Fox are Prime Master Drivers Necessary when Engaging with NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Content, and you’ll definitely need a brave stout heart. One cannot survive without one, so take care when venturing there.

Would that simple stark warning suffice and satisfy Health and Safety concerns/requirements? More than just a few may wish to know. 🙂

* The Pass Key to Lock and Unlock All Doors into Heavenly Treasures Tended there, is Sweet Submission and Sublime Surrender to the Insatiable Passions, Pretentious Temptations and Precocious Desires of Lustful Virgins who be neither Saint nor Sinner whenever starring and playing Nymph and Satyr Roles.

It is decidedly made designedly difficult to go too easily further on from here …….. given the perceived dangers available in the many new exciting tasks ahead.

Think of it as an Initial Firewall, where any current sensitive knowledge of future events hosting can be rested and beta tested before Access to ProgramMING Levers with Entry into Virtual Manufacturing Facilities.



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