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The First Great Cyber Wars are All Hearts and Minds Operations Suffering Neither Fool nor Folly

Speaking on London talk radio station LBC Radio this morning, Dowden raised the possibility that crippling US sanctions have undermined its reliability as a vendor.

Are those sanctions a legitimate appropriate response to what exactly ? The East’s Mighty Rise is not a Daemon to be Vanquished when a Delight to be Highly Valued and Much Sought After.

If such is your Daemon that Sees Not the Future with Affluence for Anything Owned by Everyone Everywhere, do you do Battle Primarily with Yourself and Fail/Win against Phantom Ghosts and Fearsome Fake Enemies ….. Rotten Confections of the Crazed Imagination.

Such is the True Nature Waiting and Paths Resulting from Any and All Wilful Denials of Certain COSMIC Secrets for Novel Noble Presentations, and easily spilled into Attentive Media Systems …. either with or currently without Advanced IntelAIgent Networking Facilities/Utilities/Abilities SMARTR Enabled.

Q: Is Uncle Sam’s the Big Bad Wolf here and China, Little Red Riding Hood?
A: Yes. Is there any reasonable doubt? Is that not scandalous, Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden whenever and wherever true and deniable/undeniable?

Q: What is everyone pratting about to protect and lead with? And lead to where exactly?

Anywhere Better than Heaven or worse than Hell? Do you ever/never ask Media Mogul Led Drivers for Pictures of the Future Destinations with SMARTR Solutions to those Few Final Questions.

And just so you know what you can no longer deny ….. SMARTR Solutions = SMARTR Mentoring Analysis Reporting Titanic Research Solutions.


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Re: Alien Information in Threads of Evidence Shredding Dissent wherever Presented as Fake News

You need to change the permissions on your backups. They appear to be world readable. …. Anonymous Coward

No need, AC. That’s all presently perfectly ok and very helpful to boot with root.


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Something for the Baying Patrons of a Postmodern Colosseum Hosting Wannabe Caesars

Ms Goldman claimed the socialite “doesn’t see any reason to speak about him to the authorities”, adding that Ms Maxwell found the Queen’s son “kind of stupid and naive”.

“If there were girls in the house while he was there, he would have thought they were servants,” Ms Goldman said from her home in Philadelphia. “All these people thinking he is evil are just wrong. He is just the kind of entitled person who sees everyone as a servant.” ….. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/07/03/friend-ghislaine-confidante-reveals-maxwells-fling-prince-andrew/

I don’t see how that help a great deal at all, Ms Goldman. Is kind of stupid and naive a valid widely acceptable defence and lame excuse for any denied action/indiscretion/guilty pleasure?

Ms Goldman questioned whether Ms Maxwell now “has the money to properly defend herself”, saying it had been too dangerous for her to see her family.

“She accepted that this was going to happen,” she added. “I think she started to give up and become self-destructive. She is going to need a very, very good lawyer.” 

Who needs also to be as a truly honest engaging friend, methinks? Think kindred spirit and the such like?


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