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Re: Matters arising

Agreed. As a criminal*, I would be highly suspicious of any such system. And paying four figures for a special phone? Have none of them heard of Signal et al.? Even WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted these days. I don’t geddit. ….. Hubert Cumberdale

Regarding criminals and why they don’t geddit, HC, one might like to realise Albert Einstein sussed it out a long time again with this observation ……. “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

There is very little chat on any media stream about the NCA’s recent operation snaring any criminal masterminds, because although one would surely logically expect any mastermind to realise crime is reserved and preserved for the intellectually challenged and fooled and hence their non-appearance.

Is criminal mastermind oxymoronic like military intelligence?


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Re: Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear

Spying on defense lawyers is illegal, and even it is done then no details gained via it could be revealed to the prosecution (they’d be obliged to tell the court or end up never, ever being able to practice law again anywhere in the western hemisphere) so that’s pointless and won’t happen. …… Peter2

As obvious persons of interest, given the vast hundreds of billion of pounds slush funds of fiat money they are responsible for laundering and disbursing to recipients, …. and aint that the sweetest of honey pot temptations to abuse and misuse …… does GCHQ provide Parliament with all of their security needs and mentor and monitor all of their feeds. …… you know, not so much spy on them as ensure there is Sterling Blanket Oversight? Surely Cheltenham, and its satellite operations, doesn’t keep itself in the dark about any of the actions and thoughts of Parliamentarians?

That would surely be a gross dereliction of public duty and all too easily give rise to all of manner and matter of abuses and misuse? You know the system has corrupt form as evidenced by many past trials and tribulations.


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Re: For something one must have…. or for something some think no one should really have?

Perhaps they decided on a different way to funnel money to Branson instead of saving his airline.
Branson-backed OneWeb to raise $1bn for its satellite internet mega-constellation ….. Dan 55

Who’s to say it is not a Perfect Viaduct … and as the Virgin Venture that it is ….. most APT that Sir Richard be ACTive at the Forefront of Such Innovative Novel Fields.

You might like to ask him what he would do with such a powerful acquisition/merger/acquaintance and does he have any specific plans for employment/deployment/enjoyment ….. although all of that might be classified sensitive intellectual property and secure strictly need to know information?


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